Integrated Room Control

Automation for a Fully Integrated Room

AV Smart Solutions offers Integrated Room Control to help ensure the comfort of your customers and guests from the very start. Enjoy seamless control over music playlists and TV channels, audio acoustics and volume, lighting, climate, and more.

Integrated Room Control also helps reduce the overhead costs of your business by monitoring virtually every environmental aspect of your establishment. Enhance your space with simple, yet sophisticated convenience.

Seamless Control

Workplace personnel will enjoy self-served control using wall-mounted touch screens, tablets, or mobile phones. Our system allows staff to easily make adjustments to lobby areas, rooms, lounges, and more with a few quick taps. 

Enhanced Convenience

Integrated Room Control allows both staff and guests to make room adjustments in personal hotel rooms or other areas of an establishment. They can conveniently adjust temperature, dim lighting, draw the curtains, request room service, monitor security measures, and more.

Integrative Design

Businesses should put their guests’ comfort above all else. AVSS’s Integrated Room Control System is a simple way to enhance your business operations without sacrificing the aesthetic of your establishment. Hidden automation capabilities make self-served comfort easier than ever.

Comfort Through Self-Serve Capabilities

Enhance your business with AV Smart Solutions’ Integrated Room Control System.

When your business is connected with our Networking Systems, workplace personnel will feel at ease knowing they can make adjustments on a whim. Innovative automation capabilities provide staff with more time to focus on what matters — their customers and guests.

If you’re ready to set up Integrated Room Control for your business, contact us today. Call +1 (425) 655-5052 or complete our inquiry form by clicking the button below.

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