Quality Sound for Your Hospitality Business

AV Smart Solutions offers the highest-quality audio system for use in any room in your hospitality business. Our Lobby Audio System service package allows you to set the tone with music or various background sounds that boost guests’ moods.

When integrated with our CloudCover service package, employees and guests will enjoy the perfect ambient sounds to create an ideal commercial environment.

Ambient Sound

AVSS offers exceptional audio components for ambient sound in your lobby, guest lounge, and more. We provide hidden audio systems, high-grade sound bars, and high-quality speakers to create a premium sound experience.

Premium Navigation

Control your Lobby Audio System with a remote control programming or touchscreen panel system. You can easily make technical adjustments to perfect the acoustics in your hotel environment. Our bluetooth and networking capabilities allow for seamless listening.

Integrative Design

AVSS’s Lobby Audio System package relies on high-quality equipment and hidden audio capabilities. We use an integrative installation approach to ensure your hotel lobby’s interior design remains untouched, while ensuring clear yet discrete, ambient sound.

Our system blends innovative audio technology with your lobby’s design to guarantee the comfort of your workers and guests while never jeopardizing aesthetics. Thanks to our inclusive design approach, our Lobby Audio System fits seamlessly with our other offerings:

  • Networking Systems
  • Building Automation
  • CloudCover Music Service

Leisure Through Sound

Our skilled AV technicians install hidden sound systems including up-to-date bluetooth and various equipment to deliver premium, ambient sound throughout your entire hospitality business. We guarantee grand results with simple methods — just listen and find out.

If you’re ready to incorporate a high-performance Lobby Audio System into your hotel, contact us today. Call +1 (425) 655-5052 or complete our inquiry form by clicking the button below.

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