Enhance Your Guests’ Digital Experience

AV Smart Solutions offers a Wayfinding and Digital Signage System package to help your guests meet their needs from the very start. From checking in and ordering food, to accessing the hotel spa and visually mapping out one’s location — your guests will enjoy an enhanced digital experience throughout the entirety of their stay.

Our Wayfinding and Digital Signage System integrates with any of our service offerings, and will keep you and your guests connected at all times. AV Smart Solutions will bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and your company’s success.

Full-Service Control

Your guests will enjoy full-service control over the course of their stay using a wall-mounted or handheld touchscreen panel system located in the lobby, guest lounge, restaurants, hotel rooms, and anywhere else you prefer.

Easy access to hotel amenities with just the tap of a finger creates more freedom for the customer to access what they want. This gives staff the ability to assist only when needed, while guests feel fully in control of their time and experience.

Reliable Connection

When connected to our networking services, our Wayfinding and Digital Signage System will seamlessly integrate with the workings of your hotel. You’ll save time and energy with a networked system you and your guests can rely on.

Forget about long lines and communication mishaps. Our system gives you a flexible way to show guests that you’re focused on their needs, while they enjoy a digital experience that not only gets them through their stay, but enhances it.

Modern Digital Design

AVSS’s wayfinding and digital signage service has the following capabilities:

  • Guest check-in and check-out capabilities
  • Pinned mapping of your location and hotel layout
  • Booking and cancelling hotel appointments (spa, personal training, restaurant, etc.)
  • Ordering room service or transportation

Engage Your Guests With a Modern Experience

Satisfy your guests with a Wayfinding and Digital Signage System from AV Smart Solutions. Guests will enjoy a more engaging experience throughout their stay, while hospitality staff can more successfully meet their expectations.

If you’re ready to offer a modern, dynamic digital experience at your hotel, contact us today. Call +1 (425) 655-5052 or complete our inquiry form by clicking the button below.

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