Hidden Audio Video: TV in Mirror

Discreet Entertainment With Smart Mirrors

AV Smart Solutions provides smart home entertainment features including hidden audio and video as a TV in your mirror, lifting and lowering your TVs or projection screens, invisible speakers, and displays behind your artwork. Your decor can remain intact while benefiting from innovative design that makes your home functionally smarter in discreet ways.

Our Hidden Audio Video: TV in Mirror service allows you to blend technology with your architecture and interior design so you can enjoy entertainment without disrupting your home’s aesthetic.

Innovative Duality

Our Hidden Audio Video: TV in Mirror service features a transparent dielectric mirror placed over a TV that you can view at your discretion. It works as a bathroom vanity, overhanging a fireplace, or even as kitchen and bedroom decor.

Entertainment at Will

Our TV in Mirror system is especially seamless when combined with our networking capabilities. You can access your entertainment with the click of a button to enjoy music and video for enhanced comfort at home. We’ll make your leisure our priority.

Integrative Design

AVSS’s TV in Mirror service is available through our Smart Home System Package and is easy to integrate with any of our other service system packages.

Our Smart Home System Package’s touch panel control system and remote programming device enables control in the following areas:

  • Climate
  • Lighting
  • Home security
  • Networking

Hidden Audio and Video in Any Mirror

Our skilled AV installers will use simple methods to secure your hidden TV in Mirror and its connection using recessed power outlets and an HDMI cord. Our slim mounting will keep your mirror snug against the wall without impeding the sound behind it.

If you’re ready for an elegant addition to your home that combines smart technology with simple design, contact us today. Call +1 (425) 655-5052 or complete our inquiry form by clicking the button below.

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