Service Portal

Residential Service Subscription Plans

$59 /Month - $649 /Annual

$129 /Month - $1419 /Annual

$359/Month - $4308 /Annual

Service Portal Includes:

Knowledge Library
(End-user Guides/PDFs)

Quick links: Fixes for Most Common Issues

Support Communication access / links

OVRC Monitoring

Remote monitoring of system health and status. OVRC allows us to monitor, and troubleshoot connected devices remotely, allowing us to deliver world-class support.

Onsite Support:

Discounted hourly rate billed for all service after use of hours included in subscription package

Service Call Hours Included Per Year:

Included hours of on-site service. Service of installed and monitored systems. Does not include new equipment installations.

Firmware Updates

Included system firmware updates for connected Network System devices, Control System / Smart Homes System devices, Surveillance System devices, and Audio Video Equipment.