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AV Smart Solutions Outfits Seattle’s Jackson Apartments

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In December of 2019, AV Smart Solutions gave Jackson Apartments in Seattle, Washington, a seriously sleek upgrade. We consulted closely with the property owners and left no need unmet.

Now, residents and staff alike enjoy easy, intuitive audiovisual (AV) systems throughout the property. Music, entertainment and more have never been smarter!

Project Scope

The property is broad, and we wanted every inch to accommodate immersive sound. We installed equipment that provides high-performance audio in these areas:

  • Lobby
  • Gallery
  • Music lounge
  • Fitness room
  • Roof deck
  • Courtyards
  • Coworking lounge

Next, we placed smart AV systems in these common areas:

  • Fitness lounge
  • Music lounge
  • Social lounge

Finally, to ensure residents work from home as smartly as they relax in their rooms, we installed two full conference room systems. Residents and staff access each smart system with state-of-the-art tech, like apps and touchscreens.

Music Systems

We designed, documented and installed high-performance music systems across the property. From top to bottom, powerful audio control is at residents’ fingertips.

Indoor Audio

In the east lobby, we placed multiple in-ceiling speakers for audio saturation. Leasing staff can control these speakers via a Sonos native smartphone/tablet app.

Next, we moved to the east gallery and placed in-ceiling speakers in the fitness room and music lounge. The west coworking lounge also accommodates discreet in-ceiling speakers. In all these areas, staff and residents control music systems via a Sonos music player and smartphone/tablet app.

But sometimes a device isn’t immediately at hand! For instant control, we added wall-mounted LCD keypads that residents use for basic functions: turning music on and off, playing, pausing and skipping.

Outdoor Audio

Outdoor areas need AV love, too. And Jackson Apartments boasts beautiful outdoor spaces — courtyards and roof decks!

We equipped the courtyards with landscape speakers, which leasing staff control through a Sonos smartphone/tablet app.

Finally, we installed outdoor surface-mount speakers at the west and east roof decks. Leasing staff control audio systems through a simple Sonos app. When those devices aren’t handy, wall-mounted LCD keypads offer basic controls.

AV Systems

We didn’t stop at rich audio, although integrating dynamic audio systems is one of our specialties! We also designed, documented and installed smart AV systems across the property.

These popular common areas now have in-ceiling speakers, Samsung TVs and wall-mounted LCD touchscreen controllers:

  • Fitness lounge
  • Music lounge
  • Social lounge
  • Sky lounge
  • Leasing kitchen lounge

And the systems get even smarter (and more practical). We supplied retractable tethers for cable box remote controls in the fitness and music lounges.

We didn’t forget residents’ preferences, too. They can bring and use their own HDMI devices because we equipped the social lounge with an auxiliary HDMI jack. Those details really matter — and go a long way toward residents’ satisfaction.

The Backbone and the Bottom Line

We want to be absolutely certain that the systems we install work intuitively and smoothly for our clients. That’s one reason we put a ton of thought into what supports the systems we integrate.

The backbone for these systems includes cutting-edge, reliable tech and hardware:

  • An equipment rack to house amps, routers and network switches
  • A Crestron control processor
  • A music streaming interface

At the end of the day, Jackson Apartments residents and staff bask in their favorite playlists and podcasts. They watch movies and more while socializing, working out and just plain working.

And the Jackson Apartments owners now have a significantly more valuable property.

Elevate Your Property With AV Smart Solutions

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