Smart AV Systems for Religious Facilities

Lift your services higher with smart AV systems at your place of worship. Your congregation experiences immersive inspiration from every seat.

See What We Can Do for Your Religious Facility

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Presentation Technology

Give your facility the best in AV splendor with our presentation technology — it’s not just for workspaces. Make any speech, sermon or study session easy to set up as well as amazing to witness.

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LED Video Walls and Large-Format Displays

Turn your building into a virtual theater, with every inch illuminated. Help the folks in the farthest corners enjoy high-impact viewing via LED video walls and large-format screens with smart projectors.

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High-Performance Audio

Embrace how audio is such a powerful part of your services, whether singing, speaking or listening. Uplift your voice with our high-performance audio system that bathes your building in sound, every voice to every prayer.

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Lighting Control

Spotlight your speakers, illuminate your congregation and more with our smart lighting control system. Take future-focused tech to hallowed spaces, and save costs along the way.


Monitor your facility anywhere and anytime with our smart surveillance system. Rest assured that both your congregation and the building’s valuables stay safe from harm.

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Networking and Wi-Fi

Bring the heavenly ease of fast, reliable networking and Wi-Fi to your religious facility. Adopt a speedy network that keeps your smart systems stable — and your congregation more connected than ever.

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Integrated Building Control

Connect and control all your religious facility’s smart systems with integrated building control. Realize the ability to change settings from one place, on-premises or remotely.

How AV Smart Solutions Elevates the Worship Experience

We know how important your religious facility is to your health and happiness — and we know your congregants feel the same! That’s why we expertly place your smart systems where they fit best while blending with your building’s aesthetics and meeting every AV need.

Taking cutting-edge AV tech into your facility helps your congregation express their beliefs with fidelity and grace. When you spearhead such an important place, smart AV technology allows you to efficiently run services — and to do so inside and outside the building!

And We Support You After Worship Services End

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We partner with you to pinpoint each system, its capabilities and its placement. From regularly presenting remote discourse to holding boisterous, joyful celebrations, we ensure your systems meet every demand.

Plus, we’re here to support you if you have questions or run into post-installation hiccups. We’d love to make your facility a space people look forward to visiting even more!

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