Design Considerations for Incorporating AV Into Your Home
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An effective audio and visual (AV) smart home system needs a solid foundation to deliver long-lasting value. And this starts with design. 

Here are the top design considerations for incorporating AV into your home.

Collaborate Early With Specialists

There are various factors to consider depending on what you want included in your smart home system. Lighting, temperature, acoustics, automated window coverings, networking, and more are all features that you can request. 

Your system can be a unique blend of whatever you want in your home. But in order to achieve a well-integrated system, you need to make sure that your infrastructure will support these various technologies and connect them all in the right way. 

The best systems are a result of working with a contractor and architect early on in your AV project. Be sure to facilitate collaborative conversations with your AV specialist, architects, and contractors before construction is underway.

This helps create a groundwork strategy that is not only achievable, but will give you the best results.

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Anticipate Your Future Needs

A great home AV system should be able to evolve as your needs change. So, features you may not want or need right now might end up being useful in the future. 

Take a home surveillance system, for example. You might have plans to renovate your driveway, so the actual landscape of your property will eventually affect where your cameras should be placed. Or maybe you don’t have kids but expect to in the future. Having a system that can easily add features such as a home surveillance system will serve you better in the long run.

This type of upfront planning is an essential part of designing a system that will continue working for you down the road.

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Aim for an Integrative System

You want your smart home system to be as integrative as possible so that adding features (such as for future needs) is easy later down the road.

You also want your system to integrate with new technologies as they arise. The pace of technological change is rapid, and you’ll want to incorporate new advancements as they come. Who wants to be stuck with outdated systems when more advanced ones exist?

Well-designed systems have a solid foundation with infrastructure that is flexible, especially when it comes to evolving technologies in the human interface arena. This includes projectors for home theaters, liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors for taking meetings or watching videos, touch screens, and much more.

But an integrative system doesn’t solely include AV technology. It involves other technologies such as climate control, lighting control, networking systems, and more that might eventually require updates that should be easy to take on. 

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Focus on Convenience and Usability

It’s very easy to be wow’d by the latest AV technologies and shiny smart home gadgets. But before giving the greenlight on every desirable piece of equipment, you should think about what you can realistically manage. 

It’s never impossible to learn a new system with time, but let’s say you’re helping an older family member decide which features to include in their AV system. Think about their skill level and the types of equipment that will actually be beneficial to them in their daily lives. 

The usability of AV equipment needs to match the skill level of the person or people operating it. Training sessions from your AV installers are always helpful, but convenience isn’t synonymous with usability. So, this is a good thing to think about early on in your AV project before moving  forward with any decisions.

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Look for Low-Maintenance Components

Low-maintenance components are an important feature in your AV system design. Who wants to spend time constantly repairing things that are meant to make life more convenient?

Cutting-edge technology shouldn’t require constant maintenance. The whole point of wanting a smarter home is to make life easier and more comfortable. While it’s important to care for your equipment and sustain its health, facilitating constant repairs isn’t realistic. 

Working with a reputable AV designer, technician, and installer will help ensure you have the highest-quality, low-maintenance components for your home. 

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