Smart Surveillance System

Find comprehensive, 24/7 security and monitoring — from anywhere at any time.

Imagine The Possibilities

Cutting-Edge Security

View your establishment from anywhere, inside the building or out. We customize a smart surveillance system that catches the angles you want to watch — and adjusts to catch others as needed. You use an app, touchscreen panel or remote to shift smart cameras, play footage and more.

Nonstop Monitoring

Adopt a system that does far more than say you’re vigilant. With premier smart cameras, you view certain areas, record footage, switch angles and protect your property 24/7. You don’t miss a minute — and if a problem pops up, you receive an app alert no matter where you are.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy how your surveillance system helps both you and your patrons breathe a sigh of relief. Protecting assets, safeguarding guests and staff or all of the above, our smart system keeps a constant eye on (and in) your building. And when your patrons feel safe, satisfaction soars.

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Integrated Design

Discover how your surveillance system can look tasteful but present. If you want to be clear that you have surveillance, we place your cameras where they’re visible but not glaring. And if you want no one to know you’re watching, we tactfully install cameras and sensors where they’re practically invisible.

How Steady Surveillance Works Specifically for You

You naturally want to make sure your building and the people inside it are safe. The beauty of our smart surveillance system is that it doesn’t just offer an around-the-clock guard — it works for your unique demands.

From deterring bad actors outside to simply checking who comes and goes inside, our broad surveillance system fits your particular needs. You choose the number of cameras and how they appear while having multiple ways to see what they record.

And we use camera brands with plenty of storage space — if you need to return to early footage, it’s available.

How Smart Surveillance Bolsters Your Building

Let’s say you’re resting at home when smart cameras and sensors pick up activity at your property. You open your app, view the alert and check the footage. You instantly flood the area with light. If it’s a thief trying to break into your building, you summon police with a couple quick taps — and if it’s a raccoon rustling in the garbage, you settle peacefully back into your nap.

Smart surveillance is a wise addition to your property. And when you have various AV systems, they work together to give you expert control of your establishment — entrances, exits, windows and wherever you need a lookout. With networking and Wi-Fi plus lighting control, you get even stronger real-time abilities.

How We Help You Stay Secure

We make sure you’re satisfied with your smart surveillance system throughout (and after) the installation process.

If you’re unsure what your establishment needs, we advise on your system’s surveillance capabilities. We also ask how you want your system to look, and we install your surveillance technology with those factors directly in mind. And when we’re done, we leave your property pristine.

Are you interested in other smart surveillance devices, like smart locks, keypads, floodlights and camera doorbells? Please ask! We’re here to find your ideal setup.

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