With Smart AV Systems

Usher in integrated, elevated dining spaces with tech that turns heads. Guests enjoy options at their fingertips, while you get sweeping controls with just a few taps.

See What We Can Do for Your Restaurant

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Audio System

Bask in immersive sound that distinguishes your restaurant from the rest. Perfect the mood with simple controls, whether it’s time for the lunch rush or an exclusive event.

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Wayfinding and Digital Signage

Integrate digital signage for a dynamic way to show guests you’re at the ready. Make the guest experience top-notch with virtual payments, reservations and more.

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Create a consistently comfortable environment with a smart temperature system, and never again struggle with heat creeping from the kitchen.

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Lighting Control

Illuminate your space and craft flawless ambiance while enjoying energy efficiency. Adopt smart lighting with sleek sensors, dimmers, switches and more.

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Motorized Window Treatments

Maximize convenience and comfort with chic automated shades, drapes and coverings. Guarantee guests never have to shield their eyes to dine in peace.

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Centralized Distribution

Have AV and control equipment in a designated place to allow for plenty of ventilation and easy access. Forget about unsightly cords, boxes and wires.

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Networking and Wi-Fi

Enjoy reliable, blazing internet connections and secure networks with separate access levels with our powerful networking and Wi-Fi system.


Ensure your establishment is secure, check camera footage from afar and protect your patrons with our smart surveillance system.


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Why AV Smart Solutions Is the Ticket

You know your restaurant inside and out, so make it what you’ve always dreamed it could be!

Guests are comfortable, in control and entertained with our AV systems. And don’t worry about wrestling with pesky cords and slews of switches — control is in the palm of your hand.

And We Don’t Stop There

Your restaurant creates a vibe, and smart systems make it immaculate. We work with you closely to ensure the setup you get always elevates your establishment (and saves you money). If you’re concerned about garish tech, rest assured — we find discreet ways to place every wire.

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