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With Smart AV Systems

Outfit your hotel, resort or other hospitality venture with all the smart AV systems it needs to become guests’ must-stay destination.

See What We Can Do for Your Hospitality Business

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Lobby Audio System

Set the tone with immersive sound from the moment guests enter your lobby. Let guests bathe in ambient audio that you control with convenient smart tech.

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Lighting Control

Create ideal lighting and save energy with intelligent, effortless controls. Adjust the mood smoothly from dawn to dusk without flares and flickering.

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Climate Control

Help guests enjoy a consistently comfortable environment with smart temperature controls at your fingertips — and theirs.

Building Automation

Offer seamless, intuitive controls for you and your guests, from common areas to guests’ rooms. Enjoy analytics about guests’ preferences on your end.

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Integrated Room Control

Elevate your spaces with simple-yet-sophisticated media, light and climate controls for staff and guests. Watch guest satisfaction and bookings soar.

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Wayfinding and Digital Signage

Incorporate tasteful digital signage for ultra-modern, at-a-touch info. Give guests easy access to interactive maps, room service and more — in their rooms and out.

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Motorized Window Treatments

Enhance lighting and efficiency with automated window coverings, shades and drapes. Find the exact look that makes your locale the chicest around.

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Networking and Wi-Fi

Enjoy reliable, blazing internet connections and secure networks with separate access levels with our powerful networking and Wi-Fi system.


Ensure your establishment is secure, check camera footage from afar and protect your patrons with our smart surveillance system.


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Why AV Smart Solutions Holds the Key

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Your hospitality establishment isn’t just your business — it’s a home away from home for people on the go.

Whether they’re lounging poolside or holding business conventions, guests want only the best. We’re here to make sure they get it, so prepare to rival the city’s hottest attractions and garner tons of hashtags.

And It’s Not Check-Out Time Yet

Our AV systems do it all, from setting the mood with music, lighting and temperature to letting guests request room service with a few taps on a touchscreen. Meanwhile, you get insights about guest behaviors and can adjust your systems accordingly.

After installation, you’ll never know we were there — your systems are natural parts of the building and just as intuitive to use.

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