Smart Videoconferencing and Telepresence System

Ditch glitchy calls and subpar AV with a smart videoconferencing and telepresence system that stays steady during every meeting.

Imagine the Possibilities

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Automated Spaces

Find your space primed for your call as you walk in. Launch or join a meeting with instantly crisp audio, sharp video and premium cameras — every element is ready to go.

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Top-Tier AV

Discover just how smart AV tech can be with 4K HDTVs or projection screens, soundbars and in-ceiling speakers, Neat Bars, Crestron Conference Systems and HD cameras.

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Premium Virtual Communication

Enjoy conferences, calls and check-ins that flow without fail. You’ll have secure, foolproof communication in the ever-growing digital workspace.

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Design Integration

Make your office infinitely more intelligent while keeping its decor and layout pristine. We carefully install equipment so that it’s not intrusive or awkward.

How Our Smart Tech Streamlines Your Virtual Spaces

Practically no one adores attending video conferences day in and day out, one after another.

That’s doubly true when you have to wrestle with the volume, flick off the lights and reposition your camera (while Zoom updates). Still, it’s part of the grind — and we want to change the dynamic.

That’s why we work with you to find a setup that does more than make videoconferencing and virtual calls easy. We want you to enjoy the automated simplicity that comes with smart AV tech, quick installation and ready-to-use interfaces. Your office tech should meet your level of hard work, so we use only the finest equipment to erase everyday frustrations.

How Our Smart Systems Come Together for Your Ideal Workplace

You’ll uncover productive, hassle-free digital communication with our smart videoconferencing and telepresence system. And our presentation technology, digital media and motorized window treatment systems polish your nine-to-five even more. The difference might just make your day.

Are you ready to host the finest virtual get-togethers your company has to offer?

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