Smart High-Performance Audio System

Find immersive, resounding audio in every inch of your building with our smart high-performance audio system.

Imagine The Possibilities

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Resounding Acoustics

Bathe your building in unmatched audio that excites, soothes and energizes. Every space, from entrance to exit, pulses with high-quality sound to fit and mold any mood.

Precise Control

Enjoy the meticulous control you have over your building’s sound, at home and away. You can choose from minute audio options as well as select full-space settings from an app, touchscreen and remote.

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Unique Soundscapes

Set your facility apart with carefully crafted audio setups that meet the feel you want. From bustling middays with vibrant playlists to soothing evenings with classical arrangements, your guests have a matching soundtrack.

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Design Integration

Adopt sound that your guests hear but don’t have to see. Our smart high-performance audio system has technology and hardware that we expertly place to keep your building’s aesthetic ideal.

How High-Performance Audio Sets Your Structure Apart

Nothing sets the scene at your establishment quite like sound — mood, sales and even health benefit from it.

Gentle, soothing ballads to thumping, bass-heavy bangers, everyone has their favorite playlist. And our smart high-performance audio system lets you compile it — and then some. You might just earn an attendance-boosting reputation for outstanding sound in your city!

We install your smart high-performance audio system to bring sound to your structure at a grand scale. Using speakers, soundbars, amplifiers, subwoofers and more, we painstakingly craft a discreet sound space. As always, control is intuitive for you and your guests.

How AV Smart Solutions Ties Your Smart Systems Together

Frankly, we love fine-tuning audio at AV Smart Solutions. We know exactly where to tuck every speaker, wire and cord to keep your facility’s look stellar and your sound crystalline.

Feel free to ask about what all we can do for your building’s sound during the design and installation process! Music zones, dedicated soundscapes, entrance audio, personal guest access and more — your limits are slim.

Networking and WI-Fi, lighting control and LED video walls and large-format displays are exceptional pairings with high-performance audio.

Are you ready to bring your building a heartbeat?

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