Smart AV Systems for Your Home

Find the future of entertainment, comfort and efficiency in your home — indoors and out. The experience is practically magical.

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Residential Service Plans Icon

Residential Service Plans

Find around-the-clock support, maintenance services and more with our top-tier residential service plans.

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Make watching your go-to entertainment an immersive cinematic experience with our stunning home theater system.

Residential Motorized Window Treatments Icon

Motorized Window Treatments

Discover the smooth convenience of automated shades, drapes and blinds with our innovative motorized window treatments.

Outdoor Entertainment icon

Outdoor Entertainment

Take your AV tech to the backyard, patio, pool and beyond with our powerful outdoor entertainment system.

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High-Performance Audio

Enjoy matchless audio in any space in your home, from soothing music in the bath to booming watch parties in the den.


Bring your music to any room without a hitch, and craft dedicated spaces that don’t clash or clamor for attention.

Networking and Wi-fi

Adopt reliable home networking features and secure, lightning-fast internet connections with our networking and Wi-Fi system.

Climate Control Icon


Change your home’s temperature from anywhere, and embrace all-day comfort and cost savings with climate control.

Hidden Audio Video: TV in Mirror

Watch as your mirror transforms into a multipurpose smart TV, and unveil the elegant ease of concealed AV tech.

Home Surveillance Icon


Rest assured that your home is secure from entrance to exit, and check real-time footage remotely with sweeping home surveillance.

Lighting Control Icon


Create illuminated atmospheres by harnessing your home’s lights from your office, your couch and anywhere in between.

Why You Can Count on AV Smart Solutions

Residential pool table

At AV Smart Solutions, we love what intelligent technology brings you. And we’re not just dedicated to making your home smart — we’re passionate about personalized customer service. We go far beyond installing premier equipment to ensure your AV systems are just as intuitive as they are beautiful.

We’re Flexible, Attentive and Exacting

You don’t have to spend a fortune to own a smart home! Your budget and priorities play key roles in our process. And we precisely customize the systems you choose for your unique home.

When you partner with us, we work closely with you to guarantee your systems operate reliably and seamlessly from dusk to dawn. Our one-on-one service and ongoing advice are here for your peace of mind. We’re concise in our installation and committed to integrated design.

Long story short: We want your home to always feel like a home — but a home brimming with cutting-edge smart systems.

Discover Our Approach

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We speak with you, determine what you’d like to experience and design smart AV systems that meet your vision.

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We design and build smart systems that match your space and vision, then tailor them accordingly.

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We integrate your custom AV systems into your space with design, detail and discretion in mind.

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