Smart LED Video Walls and Large-Format Displays

Turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary viewing experiences with high-impact LED video walls and large-format displays.

Imagine The Possibilities

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Stunning Visuals

Bring your facility’s spaces to stunning, high-impact life. Synchronized smart LED TVs placed in perfect order and expansive screens with smart projectors create jaw-dropping, full-wall viewing.

Array of Display Options

Show the people in your building essentially any visuals you need. Giving speeches, holding services, highlighting products and more have never been more dynamic.

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Remote Control

Set the tone from anywhere with an internet connection. An intuitive app, remotes and other options let you change what viewers see with absolute ease — a tap is all it takes.

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Design Integration

Craft impressive and tasteful displays that only elevate your facility’s look. Wide projector screens are retractable, while LED video walls are seamless and sleek when off.

How Smart LED Video Walls and Large-Format Displays Enhance Your Establishment

Imagine your facility’s space as a theater — with your fingers at the controls.

That’s what LED video walls and large-format displays give you! Even better, your guests enjoy immersive, powerful viewing from practically anywhere in the room.

Remote presentations. Live streaming. Curated content, from menus to products to event schedules. Whatever visuals your facility needs and you dream up, LED video walls and large-format displays deliver impressively.

Why AV Smart Solutions Is the High-Definition Choice for Your Building

It’s no small feat to turn an entire wall into a large, flawless smart AV system. Each screen and each mount have to be aligned for the setup to work. But that’s the type of task we revel in at AV Smart Solutions.

We’re here for expert consultation, design and installation, no matter what goals you have for your facility. We also make sure you’re comfortable using the wall or display, including smart projectors and smart LED TV options.

Alongside smart high-performance audio, presentation technology and lighting control systems, your structure and space have a flexible, one-of-a-kind appeal.

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