Smart Centralized Distribution System

Consolidate and conceal your smart systems, equipment and devices with a discreet centralized distribution system.

Imagine the Possibilities

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Control Within Reach

Don’t worry about devices, equipment and cables cluttering your restaurant. With our centralized distribution system, all your tech is in one place and still readily accessible.

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Convenience and Organization, 24/7

Say your staff members need to grab tablets or make manual adjustments — all systems and devices are orderly and in one space. Maintenance, cleaning and upgrades are never simpler.

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Effortless Safety

Rest easy that all your smart equipment has ideal ventilation and stays at the right temperature. From muggy mornings to overnight freezes to midday heat blasts, your tech is good to go.

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Integrated Design

Keep your smart systems hidden and in line with your look. Diners are none the wiser, and your bustling restaurant’s design never changes.

How Centralized Distribution Streamlines Your Restaurant

We know you definitely want to showcase some smart systems, like slick digital wayfinding and signage. Of course, you may rather keep others out of sight. That’s where our centralized distribution system takes your restaurant to a whole new level of elegance.

Controls and access points might seem like they’d be all over the building when you connect multiple smart systems. But nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you or your staff need to check settings, grab portable devices or just mop the floor, one designated location houses your equipment.

You go to your centralized distribution system, make changes and close the space. Diners never spot the difference — while loving all the new restaurant tech you’ve adopted.

Why Our Smart Systems Make Your Restaurant Extraordinary

Smart audio, climate control and lighting control systems (not to mention networking and Wi-Fi) make your restaurant the chicest joint around. With centralized distribution, your permanent systems get a permanent home — and a place where they’ll last a long time. It’s really the cherry on top of your integrated smart systems and a wise move for your restaurant.

Are you ready to find relief in secure, ongoing organization?

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