Smart Audio System

Greet your guests, diners and staff with immersive audio that you control with ease, regardless of where you are.

Imagine the Possibilities

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Sound That Sets the Scene

Enjoy audio that creates the mood, from the lobby to the lounge to the kitchen. Changing the vibe is natural and smooth. Energize kitchen staff, greet event attendees and soothe diners with controllable, set music zones in every space of your building.

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Intuitive Control

Find only the best audio equipment, like hidden surround-sound speakers and soundbars, with smart controls via touchscreens, tablets, remotes and apps. Bluetooth connectivity and solid networking ensure audio never hits a sour note. In the building or out, you craft the tone.

Better Business With Better Audio

Embrace sound that goes beyond sparking energy, inspiring relaxation and any nuance in between. Our audio systems lead to greater guest and diner satisfaction with sweeping soundscapes. And with greater satisfaction comes more business — alongside rave reviews.

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Design Integration

Never let your audio needs clash with your business’s look. With our expertise in carefully placing and connecting audio equipment, you — and your guests or diners — won’t spot a single bulky speaker or stray wire.

How Audio Enhances Your Business

You know how an eerie, hear-a-pin-drop lobby or jarring, boisterous lounge can influence guests? A smart audio system lets you read the room and make changes according to your intuition as well as personal requests!

And that goes for whether you’re in the building or away on business. Our app ensures you can change audio from afar if the atmosphere suddenly shifts.

Why Smart Systems Work Better Together

Knowing you can tweak your business’s ambient audio from anywhere is reassuring. If you like that reassurance, discover how well a smart audio system works with networking/Wi-Fi, centralized distribution and building automation systems!

Plus, we offer business-beloved Cloud Cover Music to pinpoint your audio needs, no matter your specialty.

How We’re Here for Support, Even After Your Doors Close

First, we partner with you to design and install your smart audio system so it matches exactly what your business demands. Then, we take painstaking care to conceal every speaker, soundbar and cable. But we don’t stop there.

We offer audio that bathes every space at the exact level you need without hitches and hiccups. When we’re done, get in touch if you have questions or concerns — getting your business pitch-perfect audio drives us!

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