Smart Integrated Room Control System

Place smart tech settings in guests’ and colleagues’ hands with integrated room control, and never fuss with multiple systems again.

Imagine the Possibilities

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At-a-Touch Control

Forget guests, staff and colleagues having to juggle multiple apps and a dozen unconnected devices. Integrated room control places everything in one place via wall-mounted touchscreens, tablets and a single app. It’s smart tech access at a glance and with a tap.

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Convenience, 24/7

Offer your guests, staff and colleagues boundless convenience. From guests ordering room service at your hotel to your colleagues drawing the drapes before an office presentation, a whole spectrum of settings and requests is in the palms of their hands.

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Comfortable Self-Service

What makes your people happier than the ability to control their own spaces, setting by setting? Each space’s smart systems have a home with integrated room control. And you can give your colleagues, staff and guests the key.

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Design Integration

Never worry about sacrificing control for your establishment’s look. We make sure your integrated room control system isn’t simply intuitive to use — it’s attractive. That is, you don’t deal with a bulky hub or pile of wires, and all equipment blends with your aesthetics.

How Integrated Room Control Sets the Stage

You’ve got hundreds, maybe thousands, of guests, staff and colleagues to host. And you’ve adopted smart AV systems to make their stay and their jobs easier.

When you embrace integrated room control, all those cutting-edge systems come together. And you unlock a whole new level of guest satisfaction, staff happiness and employee productivity.

Why Our Smart Systems Pair Perfectly

We can make our integrated room control system accommodate practically any smart system.

For example, if you run a high-end hotel, you might have room-by-room climate control, lighting control and motorized window treatment systems. At your office, you could have an array of AV tech, from digital media to presentation technology systems.

Although these systems connect, integrated room control takes that connection and places it squarely (and easily) at people’s fingertips.

How We’re With You All the Way

We take utmost care to guarantee our integrated room control system meets and exceeds your expectations — and those of the folks who use it. With networking/Wi-Fi and know-how, we make sure every system has reliable, secure controls. Integrated room control is the finishing touch that ties together your smart AV systems.

Are you ready to combine yours for absolute ease?

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