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Smart Hotel Benefits for Owners and Guests Alike

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September 29, 2022

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In this stressful, fast-paced world, few luxuries are more enjoyable than a long stay at a smart hotel. 

With guests increasingly living in smart homes, it’s unsurprising that analysts expect the smart hospitality sector to grow to $58.1 billion by 2027. From check-in to check-out, guests want the same tech they enjoy in their daily lives. That’s where smart hotels are poised to conquer.

Via Internet of Things (IoT) and Wi-Fi capabilities, smart hotels can have discreet, secure smart systems in every area. And with amenities from entertainment to audio, lighting, climate control and security systems, your hotel can be the one guests actively seek when they travel. 

And when you run a smart hotel, guests’ expectations are at the forefront of your business. Making your hotel tech-savvy benefits your business as well as your guests’ overall experience! 

Let’s look at a smart hotel system and some possible offerings — you have practically countless options.

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From the moment guests step into the lobby, smart hotels offer immersive, seamless entertainment. We advise working with an AV installation company to get top-notch systems that match your budget. 

Your best place to start? Hotel smart TV solutions throughout the building.

Throughout Your Smart Hotel

A smart hotel’s lobby is far more than a foyer and check-in area. 

You can immediately offer guests entertainment, from visuals to audio. This doesn’t mean blaring music or garish lights, of course. For example, with a hotel smart TV artfully tucked into an archway, you can set a mood while establishing your hotel’s brand. 

Is your hotel near a beach? Showing high-definition footage of vibrant aquatic life can remind guests of the area’s beautiful natural attractions. Perhaps you’re in a bustling city — a hotel smart TV can display enticing nightlife activities. 

From music festivals to historic destinations to seasonal parades, what you show on your hotel smart TV can plant guests firmly in the location and boost local business. Although a sleek smart TV in your lobby is the most obvious choice, it’s by far not your only one. By combining audiovisual (AV) elements, you can craft a unique environment.

For example, ambient sound and lighting in the lobby affect guests’ mood, whether that’s energizing or soothing. Then, place smart TVs throughout the building (think hallways and dining areas) for added entertainment. Plus, hotels with smart TVs are highly desirable — guests expect smart TVs in their rooms, and having them in public spaces is a major draw.

Even AV systems in elevators can make your hotel unforgettably entertaining. Who wants to stand in silence, boredly tapping their toes, as they wait to reach the 27th floor? 

In Each Smart Hotel Room

Of course, entertainment in a hotel smart room is crucial — it’s where guests can enjoy the same easy, customized experience that they have in their smart home. 

Guests can stream from their phones and devices on a hotel smart TV. Networking immediately lets them watch what they want with just a few taps. Netflix, Hulu, Roku, HBO Max, Amazon and other major entertainment services are also essentially givens in smart hotels.

For an even more luxurious guest experience at your hotel, smart mirror technology is sure to leave a lasting impression. How impressive are mirrors that transform into TVs with a simple voice command or quick click? Guests can watch news, movies and more from their sumptuous smart hotel bathrooms — or from any mirror. 

And they’ll undoubtedly leave with your hotel’s name on their lips. It’s an investment, but it’s also smart advertising — you’ll garner more than a few social media tags. When guests label your establishment a “smart mirror hotel,” word of mouth is sure to skyrocket.

As a result, you’ll see a marked increase in foot traffic when your hotel has the hottest AV tech in its guest rooms!

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You can extend the convenience of smart homes to hotels with the help of a knowledgeable AV installation company.

Throughout Your Smart Hotel

For starters, wayfinding and digital signage can point guests tactfully toward your offerings via interactive touch-screen panels, voice commands and apps. Guests can find information from the moment they stroll in the door.

Gone are the days of leafing through pamphlets or binders to find what your hotel and the area offer! A smart hotel system has all your amenities listed and accessible.

Guests can check in and out, order food, view the hotel’s layout and do much more. With handheld devices and voice commands via IoT tech, smart hotels provide the ultimate in guest and staff convenience. No need for calls to the front desk — you and your guests stay connected, and the hassle of paperwork disappears.

With building automation, you and your guests can control functions like lighting, audio, video, climate and security. Again, you both avoid unnecessary complications — and you gain unique insights into how guests use amenities and prefer their rooms.

For added luxury, a hotel smart fridge in the lounge or lobby saves electricity costs and tracks how many products guests purchase. You cut waste, and guests know exactly what items are available. As if you needed another perk, guests (or you) can snag a perfectly frosty brew at any time of day!

In Each Smart Hotel Room

That same convenience extends to individual smart rooms. Alongside building automation, integrated room control systems skirt the hassles of fumbling with dials. You and your guests can change virtually every aspect of smart hotel rooms with an app, tablet or touch-screen panel.

When guests want to adjust lighting, switch a song or blast the air conditioner, all they have to do is make a few selections. No more unnecessary back-and-forth communication between staff and guests — they simply tap a screen or activate a voice assistant. 

Voila! Guests can order room service, flip to a different movie or even draw the curtains. But don’t worry — systems connect, so you get final control over settings. (You’re bound to occasionally host a few packs of college kids on spring break.)

If you’re ultra-invested in making every aspect of a hotel room smart, check out installing a hotel mini smart fridge in all rooms … or just your premium rooms. You save utility costs and keep tabs on product selection. Guests have virtually silent access to refreshments (no more annoying humming and whirring) and enjoy touch-free payment.

With networking, you tie together your smart hotel and all smart hotel rooms for unbeatable convenience — for both staff and guests.

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A smart hotel wouldn’t be complete without total comfort. With networked IoT systems, that extends to climate and lighting — even beyond entertainment and convenience.

Throughout Your Smart Hotel

Installing lighting and climate control systems is one of the best decisions you can make when crafting your smart hotel. They’re practical as well as economical.

But what if you’re conducting business halfway across the world (say, scoping a new franchise location)? No worries — networking lets you adjust the smart hotel’s light and temperature levels with a smartphone or tablet. You know the smart hotel’s exact climate and lighting settings, and you don’t have to worry about miscommunication with staff while you’re away.

Of course, this practicality extends to staff as well. When you grant access, they can ensure guests are comfortable in public hotel areas via one system. Meanwhile, you can monitor all your smart hotel’s current settings from wherever you are.

Remember: With the right AV installation company, your lighting and climate control systems are not only networked but also unobtrusive. (Who wants to gaze at a wad of cords while dining in your smart hotel’s high-end restaurant?)

In Each Smart Hotel Room

Let’s imagine a typical evening for a guest at your smart hotel. 

A guest enters their room after a long day at the beach. They’re sweaty, a bit sandy, rather sunburned and fully exhausted. 

Next, they activate the room’s smart speakers, turn on their favorite playlist, set the room temperature to 70 degrees, close the curtains and dim the lights — all with a few taps on their phone. 

In the spacious bathtub, they turn on the hotel smart mirror via voice command and watch a movie while soaping off the sea. They’re content and relaxed by the time they slip under the comforter.

It’s a great day for that guest, and it’s a fantastic day for your business. Climate and lighting control systems in a smart hotel room add more than just comfort. They also offer lasting memories, repeat visits, recommendations and five-star ratings.

As a tip, you can expand a smart hotel system to your public and private bathrooms.

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Finally, the smart hotel is as secure as it is entertaining, convenient and comfortable.

Throughout Your Smart Hotel

When you invest in a smart hotel system, ensure the smart hotel software on which your functions run is fully secure. We advise speaking with an AV installation company and AV consultants for complete protection and security.

Beyond cybersecurity, smart hotels are physically secure. Options such as a hotel smart door lock can give you peace of mind. Make sure the locks are on each entrance and exit, but take fire safety codes into consideration as well.

Naturally, surveillance systems are integral to a hotel. With integrated room control, you can monitor your entire hotel from one hub.

And security doesn’t have to be only digital and physical. Smart hotels can address health concerns, and that’s particularly important in today’s COVID-troubled world. 

For example, touchless motion sensor tech decreases germ and bacteria transmission. Placing IoT devices throughout a hotel can greatly reduce guest and staff contact with viruses and bacteria. This is especially important in your lobby and other public areas, where guests frequently come into close contact with staff.

It’s also applicable to hotel spaces where guests intermingle, such as lounges, dining areas, spas, pools, conference rooms and ballrooms.

In Each Smart Hotel Room

You and your guests can rest easy with a hotel smart door lock, smart hotel software and a full surveillance system. Guests can be assured that their financial data, personal information and belongings are secure.

In terms of hygiene, smart tech reduces contact with surfaces in guest rooms via motion sensors, voice command and more. In a smart bathroom, guests enjoy entertainment as well as cleanliness. Devices like smart faucets and water regulators decrease water consumption — and show guests your commitment to sustainability.

Of course, guests feel safe and comfortable in a clean, secure room. And that means they’re likely to return.

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Plan Your Smart Hotel With AV Smart Solutions

When you’re ready to plan and build or expand your smart hotel, AV Smart Solutions is here to make it perfect. 

A smart hotel has dozens of moving parts, but we smoothly combine them through our hospitality solutions. And we make all those moving parts easily manageable — you and your guests get all these benefits seamlessly. We even work with your décor and ensure all systems are discreet.

With our additional expertise in the residential, restaurant and office sectors, we’re ready to boost your business — and your guests’ comfort.

Call us at (425) 655-5052 or fill out our Inquiry Form. We’ll be in touch for a complimentary consultation!

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