TV in Your Mirror: What It Is and How It Works
A modern residential bathroom with two mirrors.

Mirror televisions are one of the most innovative, space-saving solutions you can add to your home. Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom, bedroom, or even your living room, hidden TV in your mirror is an elegant way to add smart features into your living space. 

But before delving into the benefits of a TV in your mirror, let’s first take a look at what it is and how it works.  

What Is a TV in Your Mirror?

A mirror TV is a translucent surface that functions as both a household mirror and a TV. More specifically, the mirror consists of a semi-transparent glass, while a liquid-crystal display (LCD) TV is positioned behind it. 

Using a flat-panel LCD TV is important because it combines polarizers with the light-modulating properties found in liquid crystals. Polarizers are optical filters that let in light waves with specific polarizations, while blocking others. As for liquid crystals, they don’t emit direct light but instead use back lights or reflectors to generate the images you see on a TV. Polarizers and liquid crystals essentially work in tandem. 

It’s vital that your TV mirror is carefully polarized so that images can easily transfer through the glass. And when the TV is turned off, the mirror goes back to being… well, just a mirror. 

How Does a TV in Your Mirror Work?

So, how does a TV in your mirror work? It might seem like a complex concept, but it’s actually quite simple. 

First off, you need an HDMI cable to connect your LCD TV to the mirror. This allows for wired screen mirroring so that you can see what the TV is playing through your mirror. It’s really as simple as connecting your laptop to your living room TV through an HDMI cord, which many of us have done at some point. 

Mirror TVs are most often installed in bathrooms for entertainment while getting ready for the day, freshening up, or winding down before bed. But you can request an installation wherever a mirror is most useful for you. 

And just the same as a traditional TV, you can use a remote to control what you watch and tweak audio volume and acoustics. You can even install a surround sound system for optimal listening. 

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TV in Mirror From AV Smart Solutions

AV Smart Solutions provides hidden audio and video systems through a TV in your mirror

We aim to offer the most useful smart home features to make your life as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Spending time around the house can be just as entertaining as it is restful. 

Our TV in Mirror system mounts flush with your wall and blends seamlessly with the decor in your home. You won’t have to jeopardize the aesthetic of your space when incorporating our smart technology.   

Hidden speakers will give you premium sound, while your multipurpose TV in Mirror system will deliver high-quality resolution through a discreet design. Simply connect your TV to a reliable networking system and watch anything you want, whenever you want. 

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Contact AV Smart Solutions for Smart Home Features

If you’re interested in investing in a smarter home, contact AV Smart Solutions. We can install a TV in Mirror system with hidden audio and video capabilities, as well as several other residential smart solutions for a fully integrated home. 

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