Five Smart Gadgets for Your Home
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought us unique technology and devices that are engineered to make life easier. And as the digital era continues to evolve, more and more people are being drawn to its convenience. 

One area of innovation is the creation of various smart home gadgets. Automated home devices make it simple to manage your home regardless of whether you’re in or out of the house. With a custom smart home, you can connect and control all of your smart home devices using your mobile phone or tablet.

Why Should You Have Smart Gadgets in Your Home?

Smart devices were previously considered a rare luxury that few people could afford. But over recent years, they’ve become increasingly affordable, and thus more popular. It’s no longer uncommon for homes to have at least one smart gadget. 

Having smart gadgets in your home offers several benefits. Here are some of the top ways you and your home will benefit by integrating smart home technology into your space.

Energy Conservation

Most people are aware that their actions have an impact on the environment in one way or another. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is by using smart home products. Smart gadgets have sensors and monitoring tools that will notify you of your energy consumption and show areas where you can cut back. 

For example, smart lighting and thermostat products will automatically adjust settings and turn off if rooms are empty to reduce energy consumption. 


Smart home products make life easier. 

For example, if you left the house and forgot to lock the door or shut the lights off, you don’t need to head back home to manage this. You can simply use your voice or the touch of a finger to control and better manage your home.  


Having an automated home gives you the freedom to customize your smart gadgets and control your home as you see fit. You can simply use your mobile phone or tablet to check in or make the adjustments that you feel are needed. 


There are many types of smart gadgets that can add security to your space — a vital factor for homeowners looking to incorporate smart gadgets into their home. Video monitoring tools and motion detectors, such as smart doorbells and cameras, give you added security by ensuring you and your home are protected at all times.  

Five Smart Gadgets You Should Have in Your Home

Smart home devices are becoming a necessity for modern homes by making life more comfortable, convenient, and safe. 

1. Thermostat

A smart thermostat is one of the most useful devices to assist with energy efficiency. It allows you to control your home’s temperature using your mobile device over a stable network connection

You can also program your smart thermostat to automatically adjust based on weather conditions or your daily schedule, such as the time you leave your house for work and other activities.   

2. Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell is essential if you want to add security to your space. If someone is at the door, it will notify you by sending alerts to the devices that are connected to your home’s system.

Smart doorbells also have built-in motion detectors that allow footage to be recorded whenever someone is in range of your door camera. Since you have access to real-time footage through home surveillance, you can grant access to guests remotely if your smart doorbell is paired with a smart lock. 

For example, the Control 4 Chime Video Doorbell allows you to view and speak to visitors through your phone or tablet.

3. Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are controlled through voice commands to carry out various tasks, and will integrate with other smart gadgets in your home. They make home life easier and much more enjoyable.  

These speakers come with a virtual assistant that executes the instructions given to them. Sonos smart speakers, for example, are equipped with Google Assistant. This allows you to schedule appointments, make or answer calls, play songs in multiple rooms, and much more using just your voice. 

4. Smart Smoke Detector

Unlike a traditional smoke detector, a smart smoke detector can alert you of fire or gas hazards whether you’re at or away from your home. When connected to a networking system, smart smoke detectors will send notifications straight to your mobile phone or tablet.

You can rely on these smart devices to keep you and your home safe by avoiding fire and gas risks, such as high carbon monoxide or dioxide levels. 

5. Surveillance Cameras

Smart surveillance cameras record live footage of your home, which you can view at any time via your mobile device or tablet when connected to a stable network

Studies show that having a surveillance system can lessen criminal activity by 50%. This alone makes smart surveillance systems one of the most desirable smart gadgets, especially for homeowners with children.  

Smart Gadget FAQs

How Do I Maintain Smart Gadgets?

Carrying out routine checks on your devices is key to them running efficiently, as well prolonging their lifespan. Additionally, performing regular software updates for your network will ensure any smart gadgets connected to your system continue to run smoothly.

Do I Need a Smart Home Hub?

Smart Home Hubs aren’t always necessary, but they’re recommended to improve security. They’re the central device that controls all of your smart home devices, therefore having one will provide reassurance that your home and the smart devices within it are secure.

Do Smart Gadgets Need Special Wiring?

It depends on the gadget. Many smart home products are battery-operated, but others require wiring. For example, smart lighting and shading typically require the installation of neutral wires  in your switch outlets. 

Do Smart Gadgets Need an Internet Connection to Work?

Most smart home devices require a stable Wi-Fi connection to ensure optimal performance, but others will work just fine without an internet connection. However, it’s advisable to have a reliable network system in place to ensure all of your smart home products are connected if needed.

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