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5 Smart Gadgets for Your Home

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February 17, 2022

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought us unique technologies and devices that make our lives easier. And as the digital era continues to thrive, that IoT convenience attracts more and more people. 

One area of innovation is the creation of various smart galidgets for your home. Automated home devices make managing your home simple, whether you’re indoors or out. With a custom smart home, you can connect and control all your smart home devices using your smartphone or touchscreen tablet.

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Why Should You Have Smart Gadgets for Your Home?

In the past, smart devices were a rare luxury that only the wealthy could afford.

But over recent years, they’ve become increasingly affordable — and thus more popular. It’s no longer uncommon for homes to have at least one smart gadget (like a smart speaker). 

Besides basic affordability, smart gadgets offer multiple benefits. Before we get into the gadgets themselves, here are some of the top ways you and your home benefit from integrated smart home technology.

Energy Conservation

Most people know their actions affect the environment in some way, good or bad.

Well, one way to reduce your carbon footprint is by using smart home devices. Smart gadgets for your home often have sensors and monitors that notify you of your energy consumption and pinpoint where you can cut back. 

For example, smart lighting and climate control systems automatically adjust settings and shut down if rooms are empty. Naturally, that reduces energy consumption (and your utility bills). 


Smart devices just make daily life easier, from watching TV to cooking to bathing

For example, if you left the house and forgot to lock the door or shut off the lights, you don’t need to go back to fix it. You can simply use voice or app control to manage automated devices and systems. 


With IoT automation, you can customize smart systems, gadgets and settings as you see fit. You use your connected smartphone or touchscreen tablet to check in or tweak settings.

For example, if you want the indoor lighting at a certain level, you can adjust your motorized window treatments


Many types of smart devices add security to your property — a vital issue when you’re finding smart gadgets for your home.

For example, video monitoring tools and motion detectors, such as smart doorbells and cameras, give you ongoing security. When you have around-the-clock home monitoring and visibility, you have greater peace of mind. 

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5 Helpful Smart Gadgets for Your Home

Smart home devices are becoming must-haves for modern homes because of the comfort, convenience and safety they offer. 

With that in mind, here are five smart gadgets that offer all three perks.

1. Smart Thermostat

Frankly, a smart thermostat is one of the most useful home devices to boost energy efficiency. It allows you to control your home’s temperature using your mobile device via stable, fast networking

You can also program your smart thermostat to adjust automatically based on weather conditions or your daily schedule, like the times you usually leave for work or errands. 

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2. Smart Doorbell

If you want to add security to your home, a smart doorbell is essential. Let’s say someone is at the door. The smart doorbell, which often has a camera, sends notifications to any devices connected to your home’s system.

Smart doorbells also have built-in motion detectors that let them record footage when someone’s in range of the door camera. Because you have access to real-time footage through home surveillance, you can grant guests access remotely when the smart doorbell pairs with a smart lock. 

And if the visitor is a would-be burglar, you can notify authorities.

For example, with the Control 4 Chime Video Doorbell, you can speak to and view visitors through your smartphone or tablet.

3. Smart Speaker

As you undoubtedly know, you control smart speakers through voice commands. They then carry out various tasks, and they can integrate with other smart gadgets for your home. In fact, they’ve become fairly standard in U.S. homes because of their all-in-one ease of use. 


Smart speakers come with a virtual assistant that executes the instructions you give them. For example, Sonos smart speakers come with Google Assistant. This partnership lets you schedule appointments, make and answer calls, play music in multiple rooms and do much more — with your voice alone. 

4. Smart Smoke Detector

Unlike a traditional smoke detector, a smart smoke detector can alert you of fire or gas hazards when you’re away from home. In other words, you don’t have to wait to hear the beeping while you’re asleep.

When connected to networking, smart smoke detectors send notifications straight to your smartphone or tablet.

It’s a practical and reassuring smart gadget for your home. You can rely on smart smoke detectors to keep you, your family and your property safe by avoiding major risks, like dangerous carbon monoxide levels. 

5. Smart Surveillance Cameras

As with other cameras, smart surveillance cameras record footage wherever you place them. But the similarities pretty much end there.

Smart surveillance cameras record live footage of your home. You can view that footage anytime via your smartphone or tablet and networking

Studies show that having a surveillance system can lessen criminal activity by 50%. That fact alone makes smart surveillance cameras one of the wisest smart gadgets for your home. And it’s doubly true if you have children or are aging in place.

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FAQs: Smart Gadgets for Your Home

How Do I Maintain Smart Gadgets?

Routinely checking your devices is key to their efficiency and life span. Regularly updating your networking software also ensures smart gadgets keep running smoothly. When you have questions or doubts, speak with an audiovisual (AV) consultant.

Do I Need a Smart Home Hub?

Smart home hubs aren’t always necessary, but most AV companies recommend using them to improve security.

A smart home hub is the central device that controls all your smart home devices. As a result, having one provides reassurance that your home and its smart devices are secure. Plus, a smart hub is extraordinarily convenient — you view and adjust your systems from that one place.

Do Smart Gadgets Need Special Wiring?

Well, the wiring you need depends on the gadget you’re using. Many smart gadgets run on batteries, but others need wiring. For example, smart lighting and shading typically require neutral wire installation in your home’s switch outlets. 

Do Smart Gadgets Need an Internet Connection to Work?

In a word, yes. Most smart home gadgets for your home require a stable Wi-Fi connection for optimal performance. However, some can work just fine without an internet connection.

However, having reliable networking in place ensures your smart home systems connect and synchronize.

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