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5 Considerations for Installing an Effective Home Surveillance System

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April 20, 2022

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Crime is more prevalent than ever, with more than 1 million burglaries in the U.S. every year. And simply double-checking that your doors are locked isn’t enough to keep intruders away.

Installing a home surveillance system is the most viable way to tighten up your security. The presence of circuit-controlled television (CCTV) cameras serves as a deterrent. And even if someone burgles your home, you can use the footage for insurance purposes or hand it over to the authorities. 

But before you get started, you have five factors to consider. Here, we’ll explain what to plan for so you can get the most out of your home surveillance system.

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1. Budget

A home surveillance system usually requires a range of equipment. And the more complex your system is, the higher its price will be. 

Figuring out what you can afford beforehand will help you pick the right system that matches your needs without breaking the bank. Remember: A proper system has more than just cameras. You’ll need alarms, camera footage storage and wire protectors, too. 

You also need to consider how many surveillance items you want to buy. For example, you may have to compromise on the quality of a camera system for the sake of affording the right number of cameras. Knowing how much or how many of each equipment type you need will make all the difference when installation time comes. 

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2. Surveillance System Wiring

Once you know the type of equipment you need, you can plan how you’re going to wire it. 

Exposed wires are easy to tamper and damage. They’re susceptible to inclement weather conditions — as well as neighborhood animals. Squirrels might chew them, birds will likely leave droppings on them, and dirt and debris can build up and affect their performance. 

For reliable security, you should cover any and all exposed wiring. AV Smart Solutions, among other businesses that offer professional installation services, will include surveillance system wire management to ensure everything stays protected.

3. Observation Points

The key spots to check when planning your surveillance system setup are any doors or entrances that lead in or out of your house and property.

It’s wise to install cameras pointed at hidden entryways, too. Consider practically any place that someone could enter your property, whether that’s through the backyard woods, near a fence or along the driveway. 

Some additional important spots to watch are side gates, basement windows and general downstairs areas that family members don’t use as often.

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4. Camera Locations

Camera footage is often unusable when light directly hits the lens. Direct light, bright or not, causes lens flare and makes viewing footage very difficult. 

So, consider the lighting in the areas you want to watch. Where in that area is direct light least likely to hit a camera? Or which area will receive direct light for the shortest amount of time?

If there’s no location where your camera will remain unobstructed for the whole day, consider placing two cameras in opposite locations. That way, when one camera is blocked, the other camera works. 

You should also make sure your cameras have sufficient views of the areas you want to observe. Installing a camera is pointless if it’s impossible to gain a view from it.

Taking time to carefully plan your camera locations before installation will keep you safer. It’ll also help you avoid future hassles if a camera needs relocating.

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5. Footage Storage and Access

You have to store your camera footage somewhere. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding how to do so:

  • Do you want the footage to be accessible remotely?
    • Note: This is helpful in an emergency.
  • How long do you want to store the footage? 
  • How secure do you want the footage to be?

Your surveillance system installer will work with you to find and buy the right footage tools and equipment. Plus, custom residential solutions are available to make your security just as smart as it is scalable.

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Contact AV Smart Solutions to Create a Secure Home

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of you and your loved ones. If you’re interested in securing your home and everything inside it, contact AV Smart Solutions

We offer a high-quality, reliable Home Surveillance System that deters potential intruders or catches them in the act if they try anything. 

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