Home AV Systems: Planning for Expansion
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Expanding your smart home system is an exciting experience with various things to look forward to. However, it doesn’t come without some logistical planning. 

Even if you’re currently ready to install everything you want in your initial expansion, there’s a possibility you might want to plan for an expansion that happens gradually down the road.

For example, you might not have the means to carry out a full expansion right now, but you’re more than ready to start the planning process. Or maybe there are certain features that you don’t need right now, such as a home surveillance system, but you know you’ll want one later on when your kids are older and home alone more often. 

Here we’ll take a look at some factors you should consider when planning your home audio video (AV) expansion, whether you’re ready to start your installation now or down the road.

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Determine a Location

Before you can properly plan your expansion, you need to determine a location that you want to upgrade.

Do you want to expand your smart home system to outside in the front or back yard? Perhaps you’ve decided outdoor entertainment is something you and your family might enjoy. Or maybe you want to create a cinema-like experience in your basement with a home theater

Even upgrading the mirrors in your home with a TV in mirror system is something you can incorporate into virtually any room that has a mirror. Hidden AV is just one addition that can make your home even smarter. 

There are plenty of AV features you can explore, but determining a location is the first step in the expansion process. 

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Plan Your Budget

Planning your budget is incredibly important in the expansion process, and it typically comes after you brainstorm what you want to budget for. 

You’ll probably have a general idea of what you can afford, or at least what you’re willing to spend. But once you determine a location for your expansion and the smart gadgets you’d like to incorporate into your home, you can then determine if you have the funds to pursue it. 

Additionally, working with a contractor and architect early on in your AV project will ensure you have the most accurate budget in line. This reduces the chances of any surprise costs that you may or may not be able to afford. 

Having an AV installer who is involved in the process will also help you plan out finances. They can work alongside you and your architects and contractors to determine a logical order for purchasing and installing the systems that you want over a certain timeframe.  

Get the Right Equipment 

Now that you’ve determined a location and planned your budget for your custom residential AV expansion, you can figure out what equipment you need. 

While this isn’t necessarily something you can do on your own, your installer will be able to help you determine the right equipment. This includes items such as:

Your installer will know what equipment you need based on the features you want, and will typically provide it for you. It’s usually included in system packages that you agree to purchasing before any construction, building, or installing takes place.

Additionally, you should make sure that whatever you choose to install is compatible with additions later down the road (if you choose not to expand in full right away). Working with a qualified installer and explaining to them in detail what you want for your home AV system will help ensure this.

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Find a Trusted Installer

Lastly, you’ll need to do some research on trusted AV technicians and installers in your area. 

The smart gadgets and features you choose are meant to make your life more comfortable and convenient on a daily basis. So, you’ll want to make sure you pick a reputable company to do work in your home and on your property to ensure it’s done correctly. 

AV Smart Solutions is a Washington state-based company that does work for all types of clients, ranging from residential, to hospitality, to restaurants, and even buildings with large office environments

We’ll work with you to decide the features you want in your home in addition to helping you plan your budget, providing all of the necessary equipment, and guaranteeing your satisfaction. 

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Contact AV Smart Solutions to Expand Your Home AV System

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