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8 Ways Climate Control Improves Your Home

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April 7, 2022

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Did you know that the first-ever climate control system was called “comfort control”? A manufacturer built it for the inside of a Cadillac in 1964. Since then, this essential upgrade in heating and cooling systems is one that most of us can hardly live without. 

Whether at home, in a vehicle or elsewhere, we may take for granted the steady balance of a comfortable temperature.

Indoor climate control technology has only continued to advance over the years, and its latest home benefits might surprise you. Here are some key features of installing a modern climate control system and eight ways one improves your home.

1. The Best Way to Stay at Your Ideal Temperature

When you have a smart thermostat with climate control, you might find that the most noticeable change is that it frees up your hands. Gone are the days of constantly fiddling with the thermostat and hoping your air conditioning and heating system will somehow battle it out to reach your perfect temperature.

With climate control, you can simply set your desired temperature and know the system will maintain it.

2. Cooling and Heating Combined

An essential feature of climate control is how it revolutionizes your home’s entire heating and air conditioning systems, effectively combining them into one. A smart thermostat means a smart HVAC system is there to match.

You’ll no longer need separate heating and cooling systems to compete with each other. Instead, both are streamlined and optimized into a single balanced system to continuously hold a comfortable indoor temperature.

3. Energy Efficiency

As we noted, a smart HVAC system means the separate functions of a heating system and an AC unit are smoothly together in one machine. The end result is a climate control system that uses only the energy it needs to hold a steady temperature in your home.

In the long run, this makes a substantial difference in creating a more energy-efficient household. The less energy your home uses to power separate heating and cooling systems, the more money you save on energy costs.

Although installing a modern climate control system may seem daunting at first (time- and pricewise), it’s an investment that’ll save you money in the long term.

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4. A Safer, Healthier Home

Homes without effective climate control systems are more vulnerable to drastic temperature swings. As seasons change or the weather grows unpredictable, a home that’s unprepared to adjust accordingly is at risk for various harmful effects.

For example, prolonged low temperatures can lead to illness, and too much warmth can cause dehydration and heat stroke.

Additionally, the enhanced air conditioning power of a modern climate control system can remove airborne irritants and mold from areas where they’d otherwise thrive.

5. Protection for Your Possessions

Climate control doesn’t just mean added protection for your family’s health and greater comfort on extreme-temperature days. Careful control over the infiltration of outdoor conditions guarantees safety for your belongings, as well.

As humidity levels rise, moisture is likely to accumulate in areas of your home. When combined, heat and humidity can damage a home’s interior, particularly woods and fabrics.

Climate control works to filter excess moisture, which keeps your belongings and furnishings safe.

6. Climate Control Is Quiet

We all know the sound — that ever-present, loud humming that comes from a heating system or AC unit firing into gear the moment your thermostat changes. 

Familiar as it may be, that sudden whirring can be annoying, distracting and unnecessary. For example, it doesn’t have to whine every time the system doesn’t meet a certain temperature by a window. 

By contrast, manufacturers design modern climate control systems to be as quiet as possible during operation. A smart HVAC system is less likely to rattle your concentration, which is especially important as remote work becomes increasingly common.

7. Unexpected Comfort and Productivity

Did you know the best temperature for healthy sleep is approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit

This differs significantly from the best temperature to keep yourself productive, which is around 71 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. That also happens to be most people’s favorite room temperature.

No matter where you are in your daily routine, climate control is there to meet you. You might be surprised by how much your productivity and sleep improve with something as simple as a few minor room temperature tweaks.

8. Compatibility With Green Energy

As we mentioned earlier, a smart thermostat contributes to improved household energy efficiency. 

Furthermore, a modern climate control system can integrate with other systems, such as lighting control and motorized window treatments, to further reduce your household’s energy consumption. 

You can also enjoy added efficiency by powering your climate control system with solar energy or heat pumps. The right smart HVAC system fits your vision. 

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Contact AV Smart Solutions for Home Climate Comfort

When it comes to saving money, adding safety and improving comfort, home climate control is your solution. And the earlier you upgrade your space, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits.

Whether you need temperature control for a residence, office or even restaurant or hospitality environment, AV Smart Solutions makes your indoor experience comfortable. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a modern, fully integrated Climate Control System. Call (425) 655-5052, and one of our AV specialists will be in touch!

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