Smart Integrated Building Control

Bring your building’s smart systems together with integrated building control and enjoy broad, at-a-touch access.

Imagine The Possibilities

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Consolidated Control

Pack the power of all your facility’s smart system settings into one app, plus portable tablets and sleek touchscreen panels. Lighting, video, audio and more sit right at your fingertips.

Around-the-Clock Convenience

Never think twice about whether your smart surveillance is on, what the light level is or how you’ve timed a presentation. Your integrated building control app lets you check (and change) with a tap when you’re away.

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Simple Self-Service

Extend convenience and control to the folks in your building. Although you have the final say, giving your guests the ability to access, change and customize smart system settings leads to serious satisfaction.

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Design Integration

Embrace the beauty and simplicity of one system that ties together your facility’s systems. Don’t worry about bulky hubs or towers — your integrated building control setup sits discreetly away from guests.

How Integrated Building Control Orchestrates Your AV Systems

One system. Endless possibilities.

You might wonder how you control one smart system — let alone several of them — when it works throughout your facility. With integrated building control, you adjust all systems with touchscreen panels, portable tablets and an app.

You can also monitor what’s on and where! Dim the lights, cue the music and switch on your LED video wall with a few quick taps. With rock-steady networking and Wi-Fi, you’re ready to be your facility’s smart tech conductor.

How AV Smart Solutions Works With You for Sweeping Control

You’ve poured dedication, work and love into your facility. You’ve invested in smart tech that raises its value and makes guests’ experiences better, whether you run a business or religious facility.

At AV Smart Solutions, we help you and your guests access and control those smart systems smoothly via integrated building control. We’re available for ongoing support after installation if you hit any snags!

Meanwhile, your whole facility runs like a streamlined machine, and your guests return again and again. Are you ready to organize and orchestrate your building’s smart systems?

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