Smart Networking and Wi-Fi System

Weave stable connections, seamless networking and serious security into your establishment.

Imagine The Possibilities

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At-a-Touch Control

Control your Wi-Fi and networking from sleek touchscreen panels at your establishment and your own smartphone app. Check speed, connectivity and status anytime and anywhere. Our system offers flexibility from afar and details at a glance, no matter what your building’s systems or your patrons and staff need.

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Seamless, Secure Connections

Never worry about your Wi-Fi faltering or your connection stalling. With a powerful, ironclad networking system, your establishment gets the best in both speed and reliability. Our three access levels create separate networks and even greater security, alongside 24/7 monitoring and peace of mind.

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Smart Systems, Perfected

Rest assured that your smart systems sit on a sound foundation of secure access points and switches. Integrating your smart systems is easy, without relying on outside providers. Even if dozens of AV systems and devices depend on your networking and Wi-Fi system, they stay steady and lightning-fast.

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Integrated Design

Forget about eyesores like thick wires and stark boxes. Our networking and Wi-Fi system delivers premier speed and security without compromising your building’s aesthetic. We’re careful to plan and place a system that supports your needs without fuss and mess.

How Your Establishment Gets Peak Performance

Practically everything in your establishment needs a rock-solid internet connection. Starting with personal devices all the way to building-wide smart systems — in single businesses to large complexes — we’ve got you covered. Our networking and Wi-Fi system handles their constant demands with ease.

And your connections aren’t just fast and reliable with our custom system — they’re secure. We provide three distinct access levels: secure/trusted network, guest network and AV systems network. This ensures the right people connect to the right network without risking unauthorized changes.

How Smart Networking and Wi-Fi Tie Systems Together

Our networking and Wi-Fi system connects all your virtual touchpoints, from your smart climate control system to your motorized shades to the smartphone you use to control them. It’s the backbone of your AV systems and how you make them work precisely for your building.

That’s why your networking and Wi-Fi system has to be incredibly powerful and tailored to your establishment. And that’s also why we make your networking and Wi-Fi capabilities unmatched.

How We Support You, No Matter What

We’re serious about security as well as flawless speed and reliability. If you have an issue with your networking and Wi-Fi system, please get in touch! We’re happy to troubleshoot, provide on-site support and more.

Plus, we’re especially exacting in how we install your system. You have an establishment to run and AV experiences to deliver — we make the smart powerhouse behind them discreet and hassle-free.

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