Smart AV Systems

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Integrate smart AV systems into your apartment complex or condo tower, and watch your waiting list skyrocket. It’s a new age of tech — we make sure residents are eager to unpack!

See What We Can Do for Your Development

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Amenity Spaces

Transform your property’s areas into entertainment hubs, relaxation zones and productive workspaces with our amenity spaces AV system.

Our state-of-the-art amenity spaces combine technology and comfort to enhance your residents’ living and recreational areas. We design our innovative AV systems to elevate your development — and help your residents live each moment to the fullest. Whether they’re movie enthusiasts, music lovers or tech-savvy professionals, our AV systems have something to offer everyone.

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Meeting Spaces

Bring residents fast, streamlined capabilities for corporate meetings, team brainstorming sessions, client presentations and more with our meeting spaces AV system.

When your residents enter a meeting space room, they enter a sophisticated, versatile environment that caters to their professional needs. We thoughtfully design these spaces so that they offer productive, comfortable settings for any business endeavor, big or small. Residents feel like they’re in their own conference room!

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Smart/Connected Buildings

Reinvent conventional buildings into adaptive, eco-friendly and people-centric havens with our smart/connected buildings system.

Our system’s technology transforms old-fashioned structures into smart spaces that accommodate real people’s everyday needs. It’s the future of intelligent and proficient building management! Whether you’re a property owner, manager or resident, our smart/connected buildings system boosts safety and comfort while optimizing efficiency.

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Networking and Wi-Fi

Offer your residents the expanse of the internet with secure high-speed connections and an array of networking features, from personal rooms to communal areas.

We’ve revolutionized connectivity with our multi-family building networking and Wi-Fi system! This comprehensive system gives residents seamless internet access and networking solutions, as well as secure management and intelligent building connections. Our inventive system ensures everyone enjoys broad networking features and fast, reliable and secure internet that meet today’s digital lifestyle.

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Media Systems

See residents connect and celebrate with smart media systems that meet both their practical and recreational needs.

When you bring our media system to your development, you welcome residents to a never-ending source of entertainment! Our media AV system makes sharing and streaming seamless and simple. From personal rooms to common areas, residents bask in immersive AV experiences and intuitive viewing.

Surveillance Systems

Guarantee your residents’ security and peace of mind with tasteful, smart surveillance systems. Embrace around-the-clock monitoring from anywhere — you and your residents alike.

Our surveillance system creates a safe foundation at your development, from the ground floor up. Including smart cameras with massive storage capacities, smart locks and camera doorbells, our system covers every angle, 24/7. Touchscreen panels, apps and remotes ensure checking on property and loved ones is easier than ever.

Why AV Smart Solutions Lays the Best Groundwork

Apartments and condos with smart tech are in high demand, and for good reason! Smart AV systems add comfort, security and everyday ease to your development. We work with you to craft individual rooms and common areas that don’t just connect smart tech systems — they connect people to one another.

And We Keep Your Bedrock Strong

We don’t stop at installation! We’re present from the initial plans to the final touches with ongoing support.

And we’re not fans of the cookie-cutter approach — we design your development’s tech so that it’s uniquely yours. Meanwhile, your residents see cutting-edge, futuristic innovation in every facet of your building.

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