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Bring smart AV systems directly to your planned community, and see residents flock to it. Smart homes are key to connected families and mile-long application lists.

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Smart Home Systems

Give residents the ability to pull up an app and adjust their homes’ smart systems from anywhere. Put the power in their hands, from lights to thermostats to surveillance.

Our smart home system integrates connected smart devices and systems for fully automated buildings. You make the future of home tech an everyday reality! From entrances to patios to everywhere in between, residents have full control of their smart homes — both on the couch and on the go.

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Ensure residents always feel in control of their home entrances with smart camera-equipped doorbells, complete with advanced features and an easy-to-use interface.

Our video doorbell system gives your new homeowners a first line of defense against unwanted visitors. And of course, they can easily welcome long-expected guests! With its at-a-glance information and alerts, a video doorbell ensures residents’ peace of mind.

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Smart Locks and Entrances

Give residents the relief that comes with knowing they’ve never forgotten to lock (or unlock) their doors. Ditch traditional keys and adopt smart locks that offer true reassurance.

We design our smart locks and entrances system to offer advanced security features that still blend with residents’ daily lives. With an ironclad entrance, your new homeowners have a secure, convenient arrival to their new home — from dusk to dawn.

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Networking and Wi-Fi

Place the power of the internet at your residents’ fingertips with secure, high-speed Wi-Fi and an array of reliable networking features.

Our networking and Wi-Fi system creates connections that stay steady, fast and safe. Whether they’re streaming movies via smart TV, holding an outdoor watch party or just browsing, residents enjoy lightning-fast speeds.

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Motorized Window Treatments

Enhance efficiency and boost convenience with smart shades, drapes and coverings. Allow residents to shift lighting automatically or with intelligent controls.

Every home in your build benefits from motorized window treatment systems. Besides the clear perks of automatic or manual smart shading controls, residents save strain on heating and cooling! Plus, motorized window treatments are appealing and come in an array of materials and finishes — they seriously elevate your homes.

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Make your residents’ homes more efficient, comfortable and controllable with smart thermostats. Let residents shift the temperature from apps, hubs and more.

A smart climate control system is so simple yet so smart. Your homes keep residents’ ideal temperature, day in and day out. And it’s not just a savvy move for residents’ satisfaction — HVAC systems again skirt strain, save costs and stay steady.

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Outfit your homes with smart lighting that residents can control anywhere, anytime. Place whole-home illumination in the palms of their hands.

From intelligent sensors to LED light bulbs, our smart lighting control system is an efficient (and beautiful) addition to homes. Residents can brighten, dim and change light settings from anywhere for any mood or purpose. Whether it’s brightening the driveway or switching off left-on bulbs, a smart lighting control system delivers convenience and savings.

Surveillance Systems

Guarantee residents have around-the-clock certainty that their homes are secure. Discreet-yet-distinct smart cameras and more make your community the safest around.

What elevates your home community more than residents knowing they’re safe? With an app for 24/7 monitoring and tasteful placement, our smart surveillance system makes each home a haven.

Why AV Smart Solutions Seals the Deal

Making your single-family homes smart is, well, a smart move.

Building smart tech directly into houses places your community squarely in the “must-have” category. Whether you serve the city or the suburbs, whip-smart networking brings all systems together — and residents certainly appreciate the built-in ease.

And We Don’t Stop at Installation

Partnering with us means your community gets only the best, from the initial build through post-installation support. We offer builders exceptional services, competitive pricing and unique solutions to polish your homes. And when you enlist us, we don’t change your construction timeline.

If you’d like to take a peek, we have a fully functional demo home you can walk through!

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