See Our Step-by-Step Process

Check out the careful steps we take together to make sure your AV system works like a charm. When you’re thrilled with your setup, we know we’re on the right track.

How We Work With You

We want you to feel confident (ideally, ecstatic) about the decision you make. That’s part of why customer service is key to our process.

Eight phases guarantee we install your AV tech with your input and our knowledge. And you don’t worry about any grunt work — just relax and watch your vision take shape.


Initial Consultation Phase

We have to talk first to know exactly what you want!

  • Meet and discuss your needs and requirements.

  • Conduct a site survey to assess your needs.

  • Gather info from you about your custom project, budget and timeline.

  • Develop a proposal outlining our informed solution and your project’s scope of work.


Proposal Review Phase

You have the final say in what stays or goes — there’s no pressure, only our recommendations from decades of experience.

  • Send the proposal to you for review.

  • Answer any questions you have about the project.


Project Kickoff Phase

Now, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

  • Receive your signature on the proposal.

  • Start the project on our end.

  • Assign a project manager and team members.

  • Create a project scope document that lays out the project’s goals, deliverables and timeline.


Design Phase

Crafting AV tech that fits your space and ticks every box is a pleasure.

  • Design the AV system according to the project scope document.

  • Write a project plan documenting the design, installation and commissioning phases.


Installation Phase

You start to see a sleek, smart AV system in your space.

  • Order and receive the necessary AV equipment.

  • Install the AV system per the project plan.

  • Test the AV system thoroughly to make sure it works properly.


Commissioning Phase

It’s time to fine-tune the tech and teach you all about it.

  • Train you on the AV system.

  • Give you documentation about the AV system.

  • Adjust the AV system if necessary.


Project Closeout Phase

You get brand-new smart AV tech, and we make sure you’re satisfied.

  • Submit the final invoice to you.
  • Close out the project with you.
  • Request that you review the AV system and the project as a whole.

Ongoing Support Phase

You’re not in the dark after the project closeout! We’re here for you.

  • Send you an email about the AV system and how it operates.
  • Offer ongoing support, like troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Provide subscription services for continued AV system maintenance.
  • Demonstrate, showcase and offer new technologies that complement your AV system.

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