Smart Building Automation System

Offer guests easy self-service with a smart building automation system — and enjoy cost-saving insights.

Imagine the Possibilities

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Self-Service With a Tap

Open a world of choices and services with a smart building automation system. Greet your guests with instant convenience from the moment they step in the door.

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Greater Guest Satisfaction

Enjoy the benefits that greater guest satisfaction brings! With control over lighting, temperature, security, room service and more at their fingertips, your establishment is the hottest spot around.

Real-Time Insights and Analytics

Find instant info about what guests like, use the most and don’t use often. Staff members know who needs what and when (room 127, pillows, 8 a.m.), while you view vital analytics.

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Design Integration

Synchronize your smart systems and your establishment’s aesthetics with ease. Wall-mounted touchscreens add a sleek, futuristic look — and an intuitive app offers immediate options.

How Building Automation Benefits Your Guests — and Your Business

What guest wouldn’t love to adjust their room’s temperature, lighting, locks and more from anywhere? Building automation ties together your smart systems and your guests’ needs, from ordering room service to transportation to takeout.

But the benefits don’t stop with your guests! Our building automation system gives you cost-saving analytics, streamlined staff duties and better business processes. Your guests and your establishment align beautifully with minute controls alongside broad overviews.

How Our Other Smart Systems Elevate Your Establishment

Having a building automation system is invaluable for both you and your guests. It works exceptionally well with wayfinding and digital signage, lighting control and climate control systems — with any hospitality smart system, really! All you need is a networking and Wi-Fi system to make everyday operations smooth as silk.

We’re ready to painstakingly design, build and integrate your hospitality business’s smart systems. Outfitting high-end hospitality establishments is one of our specialties! And we’re thrilled to provide you and your guests with everything smart AV tech offers.

Are you ready to spoil guests with the finest self-service tech?

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