Smart Video Doorbells

Give your residents an around-the-clock security guard and greater peace of mind with smart video doorbells.

Imagine The Possibilities

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24/7 Vigilance

Place smart video doorbells in your build’s homes for residents who can watch their doors anytime. With cameras, motion sensors, app alerts and more, they can see and hear who gets close.

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Remote AV Monitoring

Help residents answer questions, hear comments and secure their home with a few taps. Smart video doorbells do more than heighten security — just checking on package delivery is a snap.

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Systems That Blend

See how smart video doorbells pair seamlessly with smart surveillance, lock, lighting and full-home automation systems. Plus, the learning curve is a gentle slope with an all-in-one interface.

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Design Integration

Adopt sleek, discreet smart video doorbells that complement your build’s homes. We install them where residents have both a clear line of sight and an uncluttered entrance.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

“Aaron and his team helped us enhance our music and TV experience at our cabin in Suncadia – and we love what they did! They are experts, and solved every one of our asks! Kids have their zones for music, we can enjoy our outdoor living spaces much more, streaming services are all integrated and it’s really easy to use. A fantastic experience all the way around from understanding what our goals were up front to the finishing touches of installation and programming.”

Jeff Laub

“Aaron always goes above and beyond for all of his clients. He is dedicated, hard-working, and passionate about his craft. You’re always left with a quality job and great service.”

Jill Williams

“They were courteous and did a great job protecting the condo walls/floor, on the install, and the cleaning. I just had the opposite experience with a different installer, so it’s definitely worth noting.”


“The professionalism of Aaron and the team, and the quality and knowledge of their work surpasses any company I’ve worked with. The best part is after the installation… they are still there as a company to support you in any needs you may have. This company is rated a 10 + in our books.”


“Our system was not working properly from the previous vendor. My wife hated the technology because it did not work and was unreliable. My wife is now happy!! We now have an easier and more reliable system with many new easy features.
They (AVSS) are really customer-focused and have a great team.”

Mark Trumper

“Aaron and his team did an awesome job designing and setting up my home theater. They were very knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. I was amazed by the quality of their work. I highly recommend AV Smart Solutions!”

Lei Z.

“I experienced disruption of internet service that I traced to my router. I contacted AV and they engaged with me immediately, via remote access, and solved my problem and got me up and running faster than I expected. Excellent service!”

Curt Westen

“AV Smart Solutions truly was the smart solution choice for the new home we had done by them. From start to finish for the full house A/V project they were very engaged, the follow through and workmanship were second to none. They keep the project on schedule and to budget. I would highly recommend them.

Randy Bellon

“I wanted to thank you for getting us in so quickly to mount our new tv/monitor.

Travis & Randy did an EXCEPTIONAL job. They went above and beyond to tidy up the cables.
Travis was an excellent lead – he kept me informed of things going on in their process, asked great questions to fully understand what I wanted, and made sure that we tested everything before they departed.

Based on the last installer I had, your team went the extra mile and truly made a great impression on me.

Thank you again!”

Britte Kolve

How Smart Video Doorbells Elevate Your Build

Naturally, your residents want to feel safe in their homes. Smart video doorbells are a beautifully simple fix!

When someone approaches their entrance, motion sensors trigger a gentle alert that residents receive inside and via an app. They can use video and two-way speakers to interact with whoever’s there, whether they’re in the office or the bath. It might be the regular mail carrier or a ne’er-do-well — but they know exactly who it is ASAP.

Peace of mind goes a long way for residents. It’s beneficial for your bottom line, too — smart video doorbells are a popular item and only destined to grow in demand.

How AV Smart Solutions Answers the Door

At AV Smart Solutions, we do far more than show up and install your homes’ smart video doorbells. We work with your construction timeline, speak with contractors and enlist electricians when needed.

Then, we integrate your smart video doorbells with other smart systems, like networking and Wi-Fi, surveillance, lighting and lock systems. Your residents have an intuitive, sweeping security setup, while you have delighted residents — everyone wins.

Are you ready to make your build’s smart homes hot-ticket havens?

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