Smart Lighting Control System

Find intuitive, intelligent lighting that sets the scene for ambience, savings and productivity — not to mention all-day visual comfort.

Imagine the Possibilities

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Intuitive Control

Prep your property with smart lighting that you adjust easily and reliably. From dawn to dusk, set light levels that suit the mood from a touchscreen, smartphone app or remote control. It’s not just smart — it’s intuitive for you, staff and colleagues alike.

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Energy Efficiency

Save money on utility bills and overhead with smart lighting. Your building’s lights don’t gobble energy, and you can set them to smoothly dim or brighten as the day passes. And if anyone forgets to nix the lights when the doors close, you can simply fix it remotely.

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Instant Ambience

Adopt lighting that meets your people’s needs, wherever and whenever. Whether it’s for parties, conferences or kitchen work, you can dedicate settings in specific areas. Your guests, diners or colleagues may never want to leave.

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Design Integration

Enjoy lighting that doesn’t just create the mood — it perfects it. Our smart lighting system blends with your building and elevates its look. From rustic to luxurious to modern and beyond, we make sure your aesthetics stay immaculate.

Why Smart Lighting Benefits Your Establishment

Well, you know just how much lighting affects people’s mood. Imagine mastering how light can influence mood and using it to your business’s or office’s advantage! Beyond cost savings, you can delight guests and diners, motivate staff and colleagues and more.

And it’s your establishment — why not use an element as seemingly ordinary as your lighting to make it extraordinary?

How Our Services and Systems Work Even Better Together

Our smart lighting control system is an outstanding way to make your building shine. Together with smart climate control, audio and motorized window treatment systems, each room’s appeal and feel are at your fingertips.

Imagine what you can do at your business or office, from space to space! Dim the lights, cool the room and close the blinds remotely before a conference, then enjoy crystal-clear audio as the presenter speaks. It’s just one of many smart system combinations you can embrace.

How We Offer Partnership and Support

We take only about six hours to install a lighting control system at your business or office. We carefully place each fixture and wire, with your input along the way. In the end, you have our ongoing support and maintenance — and of course, a versatile, mood-boosting smart lighting system.

Are you ready to truly spotlight your restaurant, hospitality business or office?

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