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What Is an Audiovisual Consultant?

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September 14, 2022

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It’s amazing what audiovisual (AV) improvements can do for your home or business.

And hey, did you know that sound travels through the air at 767 miles per hour? It can also travel more quickly through steel than through water or air. 

Whether or not audio facts wow you, you probably want the best AV tech in your home or business. But how can you make sure you get the highest-quality setup at the right price? 

It can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! 

In this guide, we outline what an audiovisual consultant (aka “audio-video consultant”) is and how they can take your sound and electronics to the next level.

What Do Audiovisual Consultants Do?

Audiovisual consultants specialize in analyzing your current technology setup, listening to your goals and challenges, and designing a system that meets your requirements. 

They work with installing technicians and clients to ensure projects are within budget and match your needs. Audiovisual consulting firms work with electronics such as stereo systems and televisions. 

Audiovisual consultants meet and negotiate with audiovisual vendors to ensure you get the ideal prices on your equipment. Plus, an audiovisual consultant can work with you to improve tech installations. 

Here are some of the services audiovisual consultants provide: 

They also help with other AV tasks: 

  • Testing microphones
  • Setting up sound equipment
  • Recording sound
  • Manipulating sound levels 

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Audiovisual Consultants’ Responsibilities

Audiovisual consultants help with sound quality, lighting and more.

You can find them at sporting events, in movie theaters, in radio and television stations and at convention centers. They integrate video images, cameras, presentations and an array of other AV tech matters. 

What Do Audiovisual Consultants Help With?

This is a lengthy list! They help with pretty much anything AV-related. 

For example, audiovisual consultants can help you have LED video walls. You can install one panel or hundreds — inside or outside. 

Those LED video walls could be interactive and touch-sensitive with unlimited images or one large picture. LED video walls are best for conference centers, boardrooms and other large meeting spaces. 

You could also enlist an audiovisual consultant to help reduce distraction and noise pollution through sound masking. If you need it, they’ll help you implement digital signage for various types of messaging. 

And that’s just the beginning — if your tech setup has AV components, an audiovisual consultant can usually help you find the best possible solution.

What Is an Audiovisual Consultant’s Role?

This is another long list! 

For example, an audiovisual consultant determines the best video-viewing angle. They find the optimal connectivity and power to accommodate equipment and consider a room’s size and configuration for your tech setup. They may also bring in specialists for successful custom installations

Moreover, they can determine where specialists need to design and place control panels, power access and other AV equipment. Consultants also check a ceiling’s height to ensure there’s room for projection screens in homes, offices or elsewhere. 

An Initial Meet-and-Greet

First, audiovisual consultations determine your needs, such as the extent of the project.

Next, audiovisual consultants listen to and document your needs to ensure they don’t miss anything. They might offer alternatives if certain items aren’t available. Your discussion could include factors like the installation’s expected time and cost.

After the meeting, they may consult with technicians. Then, they may discuss electronic system plans to ensure they’ve covered all angles with the appropriate parties. If changes are required, they reach out to you.

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Before Installation

Audiovisual technology consultants offer you a bid packet with the scope of work and design. The packet includes standards and best practices for project completion. It usually also includes how long the audiovisual consultant has been in business (and that’s an important factor). 

Furthermore, you see the project’s anticipated duration, completed projects with similar scopes and sizes, lists of needed equipment, line drawings of the room layout and weight capacity.

Audiovisual consultants then send the bid packet to audiovisual integrators, who submit bids to complete the installation. They might submit requests to clarify any questions that arise. 

During Installation

Audiovideo design consultants check with the project’s integrators, electricians, carpenters and others. They also conduct spot-checks to ensure everything runs properly. 

After Installation

Finally, audiovisual consulting services ensure everything runs smoothly and as planned. They conduct performance tests to make sure the wiring is correct, too. All amplifiers and speakers must offer a certain volume level. 

Why Do You Need Sound and Video Consultants?

You might think you can do everything yourself, but doing it yourself can lead to problems. First, you may not have the specialized knowledge required, and you definitely want your project to be top-notch. 

Many audiovisual consultants have decades of education and experience. They can help you find specialty gadgets and shortcuts that you might be unaware of! 

Additionally, audiovisual consultants have the contacts necessary to complete the project properly. For example, they can usually get you a better price by negotiating with vendors. Some audiovisual consultants have trade discounts because they buy equipment in bulk.

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Why Choose Sound and Video Consultants?

Well, audiovisual consultants can meet your exact technology needs. You want to avoid false consultants who offer overengineered products and solutions. The right consultant will listen to your needs — not add unnecessary products. 

After all, when you invest in a high-quality AV project, you want it to match your requirements and budget. Plus, having space and tech for future add-ons is a huge benefit.

Skilled audiovisual consultants put together a system that not only matches but also exceeds your plans. When you work with a legitimate consultant, you get the best tech and design. And that includes aspects you might not have considered, like ventilation and conduit requirements.

When necessary, audiovisual consultants coordinate with other specialists, including mechanical engineers. 

Procurement is another benefit. They integrate the AV system’s technical specifications into the package.

If needed, you also get prequalified contractors who can provide a price, solution and bid evaluation.

Prevent Unnecessary Costs

A poor-quality AV system could lead to hidden costs and risks — and those factors can add up! 

For example, if the system runs badly or you rarely use it, you might need a professional to check technical issues.

Audiovisual consultants also make changes to ensure your system adapts to future technology. It’s generally more expensive to make your tech setup match new tech later rather than earlier — that’s one of the reasons consultants hold initial audiovisual consultations.

Save Time

When you plan an AV setup, you have so many choices for equipment! Without experience, selecting the right pieces can be daunting. Audiovisual consultants help you pick the right equipment — especially practical items you might not realize you need.

They can tell you what does and doesn’t work. And in the end, you save time because you don’t spend hours flipping through instruction manuals and fretting about what step to take.

Of course, audiovisual consultants make sure all your equipment is correctly installed, which prevents future problems. Avoiding issues down the road always saves time and money.

Keep Up With the Latest Trends

Plus, audiovisual consultants stay up to date on the latest technology trends. Technology is constantly evolving, so enlisting an audiovisual expert is vital — whether your project is large or small, personal or professional.

They can help you with any updates you might need, and you get the latest tech for installations along the way. Consultants also troubleshoot any potential problems so that your AV project is flawless.

With audiovisual consultants, you also have a guarantee that they’ll do timely work. As a result, you don’t have to worry about cutting the wrong line or interrupting the electricity to your home or business.

And of course, they plan, check and ensure everything works properly — and help you make your AV dreams come true! 

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How To Choose the Right Audiovisual Design Consultant

First, do some research. Ensure the audiovisual consultant has experience and expertise in the project you’re planning, whether that’s for your home, school, office, hotel, restaurant or church.

The AV field is broad and complex. Consultants can send sound to outdoor spaces, provide smart systems for offices and classrooms, and set up schools with high-quality PA systems. Whichever project you’re pursuing, the system needs to have both audio and visual components that meet accessibility requirements.

Next, make sure you’ll be satisfied with the equipment they recommend. For example, don’t immediately go for the cheapest option when you’re planning your smart home.

Finally, make sure the audiovisual consultant is attentive to your specific needs and meticulously follows all steps of the project.

The right consultant regularly checks to ensure everyone does their job properly. Furthermore, they offer customized solutions and multiple options, not one-size-fits-all setups.

After all, each home or business has unique needs — a cookie-cutter approach simply doesn’t cut it. A great audiovisual consultant examines your space’s capabilities and finds a solution that pinpoints your needs.

And of course, audiovisual consultants help you avoid costly fixes down the road. Before they leave the project, they guarantee everything works as it should and the best equipment is in place. 

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Knowing What an Audiovisual Consultant Does

After exploring this guide, we hope you thoroughly understand what audiovisual consultants do. Take time to think about your AV project. What are your exact needs? 

A spectacular tech setup is exciting, and audiovisual consultants are the experts necessary to make that setup a reality.

Plus, consultants make your new tech setup smooth and efficient. Avoid doing it yourself — you could overspend, damage wiring or misalign your electronics. When you want that AV oasis, you need a consultant who protects your investment and exceeds your expectations.

Make Your AV Project Perfect With AV Smart Solutions

At AV Smart Solutions, we’re proud to provide smart, secure, scalable and seamless systems. 

We’re experts in providing office, residential, restaurant and hospitality solutions. With our customized AV options, we’ll build the system you’ve been dreaming of.

Call 425-655-5052 or get in touch online. We’re happy to offer a complimentary consultation!

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