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Seven Upgrades to Transform Your Outdoor Entertainment Center

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May 13, 2022

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Your backyard is your family’s refuge — but it could be so much more with an outdoor entertainment center. Whether you choose to upgrade your backyard, patio or anywhere else on your property, you can create a relaxation paradise for everyone to enjoy.

Just picture it — family movie nights on warm summer evenings or your favorite music blasting during neighborhood barbeques. And the best part? You can easily control it all right from your phone. 

No matter how you love to use your outdoor space, just a few simple upgrades can transform your outdoor entertainment center into an oasis.

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1. Amp Up Your Audio

Does that dinky Bluetooth speaker really pack the punch you’re looking for? 

In a large backyard, you want your music to fill the space and bring energy into the environment. Let go of that little speaker you’ve had forever and bring in the heavy hitters offered by AV Smart Solutions:

  • Sonos amps and subwoofers
  • Rear speakers
  • Soundbars
  • Speaker stands 

You can have high-performance audio in your own backyard with all the bells and whistles you’re looking for, including surround sound and adjustable acoustics. 

To really take your outdoor entertainment to the next level, install equipment that’s Bluetooth-compatible and can integrate with other custom residential solutions such as networking and multi-room music. You’ll thank yourself later when you can control your entire setup from the convenience of your phone. 

2. Install Your Own Outdoor Theater

What’s a better way to watch the big game than by the pool or simply enjoying a beautiful day? 

Installing a TV or projector allows you to experience your favorite shows, movies and more in the great outdoors. 

Since your living room or home theater might be limited in space, think of the outdoor entertaining movie nights you can have with a larger-than-life 100” projection screen. You can even invite those neighbors you’ve been meaning to get to know. 

You’ll have plenty of watch options, too, when installing devices with your favorite streaming platforms. So, whether you’re by the pool with family, eating on the porch or enjoying any of your other top activities, you’ll have the same access to the platforms you enjoy inside your home. 

AV Smart Solutions can create a customized outdoor entertainment area just for you. Simply contact us and we’ll help you create a top-performing home theater for your ultimate outdoor setup.

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3. Design the Smart Way

AVSS’s integrative design approach relies on our top-notch installation process. This means your outdoor area will be untampered with so you can create the entertainment center of your dreams.

Moreover, our process ensures that any technical adjustments you want are easy to make for your viewing and listening pleasure. You can use a handheld touch screen panel, programmable remote or even your mobile phone to make adjustments to lighting, climate, music playlists, TV program selections, audio volume and more to perfect your experience.

All of our service offerings will integrate with your smart outdoor entertainment system and are controllable through the same device. This provides the most well-rounded and efficient outdoor entertainment setup.

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4. Light Up the Night

While you want your entertainment to take center stage, you also don’t want to be left completely in the dark.

Explore options to light up your backyard with the right ambiance for the mood. From romantic string lights to screen backlights, you can customize your experience the exact way that you want it. 

You can also take it a step further with smart lights. Consider a screen backlight that changes colors with your TV or projector to enhance your viewing experience. The best part is that you can adjust the lighting for different occasions. 

Having a group game-watching night? Or surprising your spouse with an outdoor date night? Choose the lighting you desire and easily set the mood right from your phone!

5. Keep the Bugs Away

Don’t let mosquitoes or other annoying insects ruin your perfectly planned night outside.

Whether you want to install a misting system that will stop mosquitos in flight or opt for more natural options — there are a few things you can do.

A quick Google search of “mosquito spray home system” will result in local companies dedicated to keeping bugs away. With this route, you can actually have misters installed on your home’s outer walls or even your fence. Before doing any of your outdoor events or activities, give the area a quick mist. This will ensure you can avoid slapping bugs or scratching bites for hours on end. 

However, if you prefer more natural insect remedies, you can choose mosquito repelling plants for your landscaping. Here’s a look into some examples.

Lemon Grass

Give your garden some texture with this attractive shrub that grows just as easily in containers as it does in the ground. The natural citrus scent will fill your yard with a lovely aroma while also repelling those pesky mosquitoes. 

Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus trees repel mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, so they’re especially great for dog owners to have around.  

As an added bonus, eucalyptus trees are easy on the eyes and provide a scent that’s similar to mint and pine, but sweeter. For those in warmer climates, the beautiful blue-green foliage and peeling bark can provide year-round color to your yard, too. 

If you live in a colder climate, know that eucalyptus can thrive in containers. Bringing them in when the temperature drops will help them last longer.


There’s a reason that citronella is used in repellant sprays and candles. The oils in citronella mask the carbon dioxide and lactic scents that mosquitoes are actively looking for. So rather than killing bugs, it simply keeps them away and uninterested. 

Introduce citronella shrubs to your landscaping by planting them in the ground or pots, or even hanging them in containers. The shrubs can quickly grow between one and two feet in height and width. Plus, they can withstand colder weather better than most other mosquito-repelling plants. 


Lavender has a beautiful scent that’s often used in perfumes and aromatherapy. Even without its mosquito-repellent properties, the plant would remain popular.

The lavender plant is a compact shrub that can grow between one and three feet tall and wide in containers as well as ground soil. Another benefit is that you won’t have to prune them since their growth tendencies are naturally quite beautiful.

6. Choose Furniture That Reflects Your Style

Your outdoor entertainment center can have its own unique look and feel, perhaps theme-based, or reflect the same styles you have in your residence.

Consider outdoor furniture with materials that feel like an extension of your home, but are also logical in terms of weather- and water-resistant fabrics. Or go all out with island-esque vibes to make stepping outside feel like you’re on the beaches of Tahiti. 

Think outdoor rugs, plush ground pillows, pendant lights and more. Your style reflects your personality, but how you choose to decorate your outdoor space should also focus on the mood you want to create. 

7. Enjoy the Outdoors in Any Weather

Rainy nights don’t have to mean you’re locked inside. If your outdoor area doesn’t have a roof, you still have plenty of options to create a waterproof outdoor entertainment center.

Consider fabric structures that will keep the good times rolling. Fabric structures such as cabanas and gazebos may be an investment, but quality tents and canopies can last decades. 

Plus, they fold up easily and only require minimal storage space. Look at options with windows or removable walls for when you need your head covered but still want to enjoy the breeze.

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Contact AV Smart Solutions to Transform Your Outdoor Entertainment Center

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We specialize in creating custom AV systems that are designed, built and integrated with you and your home in mind. Be the envy of your block and upgrade your outdoor AV system with our help. 

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