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A Guide to Room-by-Room Automation for Your Home

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December 8, 2022

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When imagining a fully integrated smart home with room automation, you might envision Bill Gates and his Xanadu 2.0. But being obscenely wealthy is far from necessary to build your own smart home.

In turn, the idea might evoke mental images of rooms cluttered with cords and gadgets. Fortunately, that’s also far from the truth. 

Specialists make today’s smart homes for comfort, convenience, cost savings and even style. The tech is discreet and integrated. And you’ll find them easy to operate from one hub, touchscreen panels and/or your smartphone. 

Walking into a warm, well-lit and secure smart home after a chilly, rainy drive is a feasible feat. In fact, it’s simple with the right audiovisual (AV) installation company

You might think of modern smart room automation as your existing house — but with major upgrades.

Although smart home features can span your home, some may fit better in certain areas than in others. The crux is networking: It’s how your smart systems communicate with one another and with you. 

Let’s run through where smart home systems can work best, room by room. 

Pro tip: You can always start small and expand gradually — you don’t have to overhaul the whole house all at once! Room automation can begin system by system.

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Entrance and Foyer

Security is one of the best aspects of room automation in your smart home. Peace of mind is priceless, but it doesn’t have to be pricey.

A smart home surveillance system often starts at your home’s entrance. You can connect and coordinate the number of cameras on your property — and view footage remotely from your smartphone.

Smart motion sensors on doors and windows can trigger smart cameras and send alerts via an app. Whether it’s a would-be burglar, your teenager trying to sneak out or just your spouse getting some fresh air, you’ll know. Smart locks bolster safety with state-of-the-art tech (no more fumbling with keys).

Lighting control systems can illuminate your driveway and switch on indoor lights before you enter. Smart lighting systems usually cover every room, but coming home to a bright entrance is a spectacular (and safe) place to start.

As for the foyer, you can follow your preferences! You might place a touchscreen panel there for immediate access to the rest of your smart home systems. Or if you’re aesthetically astute, in-wall (aka recessed) smart TVs can act as vibrant art.

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Living Room and Den

Ah, the living room — that’s where you can really get creative with smart home automation. 

From the aforementioned in-wall smart TVs to an immersive home theater system, the living room makes you feel truly “home.” But your options don’t stop there — not by a long shot.

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You can add smart lighting control systems for ambience, climate control systems for steady temperatures and multi-room music for sheer enjoyment. And with high-performance audio, simple sound becomes a full-body experience.

For both consistent lighting and cost savings, motorized window treatments are an excellent addition. That’s especially true when you have many windows!

Your living room’s also an ideal spot for a smart speaker/voice assistant, like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant. From there, you can place calls and activate other smart systems. If you’re starting small, you can add networked smart speakers to other rooms one at a time. 

Pro tip: If you’re not ready for a lighting control system or motorized window treatments, smart light bulbs can put you on the path to cost savings.

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It may seem surprising, but your home’s hallway is a fantastic spot for smart home automation features. Of course, much depends on your living conditions and needs. 

For example, this may be the perfect place for a smart thermostat, smart vent and/or touchscreen panel. Hallways are often at a home’s center, so you can tweak settings with a quick tap as you pass through. 

If you have children, smart motion sensors and smart cameras can put your mind at ease. That’s particularly applicable if they tend to wander at night — or are generally mischievous. 

As with other rooms, you can always add flair. Smart displays and picture frames can turn a run-of-the-mill stretch of wall into a custom art gallery.

Pro tip: If you’re going for full-home room automation, speak with an AV consultant. They’ll help you decide whether your hallway is the best place for a smart home hub. Another room, like the laundry or utility room, may be more suitable (more on that later).

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Your kitchen is incredibly versatile in terms of home automation. 

Whether you want smart vents, climate control or lighting control, a smart kitchen offers comfort while cooking and ease of access. Think about never sweating while sauteing garlic and finding the ideal recipe with one voice command. With multi-room music, you can catch your true crime podcast while you mix a tricky cocktail. 

You can even watch TV — and get step-by-step cooking directions — from a smart display while making dinner!

Of course, you can find dozens upon dozens of smart gadgets for your kitchen. Here’s a handful of the most popular:

  • Smart oven — ranging from full-sized to countertop-sized
  • Smart refrigerator — getting app notifications when you’re low on groceries, among many other perks
  • Smart microwave — making pressing “Start” a thing of the past
  • Smart coffee maker — when loading the basket is just too taxing first thing in the morning

When it comes to full home automation, any devices you purchase should interact with smart speakers/voice assistants. With networking and Internet of Things (IoT) tech, you’ll never stain a button with a buttery finger.

Pro tip: Motorized window treatments are helpful in the kitchen — and in the dining room. You’ll not only have exact light levels (and mood-appropriate lighting) but also save on electricity costs. 

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Your bathroom offers so many home automation options — both for pure enjoyment and cost savings. Actually, that’s true with most smart home tech. 

From smart toilets to smart faucets to smart thermostats, you’ve got a galaxy of gadgets and devices to peruse. In terms of practicality, smart vents and smart light bulbs are must-haves. A smart speaker/voice assistant in the bathroom is sensible, safe and convenient — no scrambling for your smartphone.

But if you’re in it for real luxury, try combining multi-room music, lighting control and a TV in mirror (aka smart mirror).

What’s that, you ask? Well, your mirror transforms into a smart TV display, and you soak in the water and the on-screen drama. Set your lights to a low, candle-like glow and let your worries dissolve (hey, a touch of escapism never hurts).

Pro tip: Smart water heaters let you control water temperature and check water usage. Most models also monitor for leaks and kill harmful bacteria that can sit in traditional tanks. They’re an eco- and wallet-friendly investment — you can often retrofit your current water heater with IoT devices.

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Your bedroom, children’s bedroom or nursery can accommodate essentially every major smart room automation system we’ve covered! That being said, some options are especially apt for the bedroom — one of the most important rooms in the house.

We advise adding climate control, lighting control and motorized window treatments for optimal sleep. You’ll avoid temperature fluctuations (no middle-of-the-night shivers) and harsh early morning light.

If you’re the type who likes watching flicks in bed, a smart mirror with high-performance audio will give you a full cinematic thrill. Plus, you’ll have a sleek mirror that matches your decor.

But let’s get back to that beauty sleep. We also recommend using smart motion sensors on your bedroom windows and doors for extra precaution. You’re less likely to notice suspicious noises as you sleep, so home surveillance helps you snag that glorious slumber.

And of course, a smart speaker/voice assistant goes great in the bedroom — like one does in most rooms. You can make and answer calls, set soothing alarms and even prompt your smart coffee pot. 

Pro tip: If you can’t quite yet install lighting and/or climate control systems, opt for a smart mattress. It won’t offer the spectrum of benefits that other IoT systems do, but it’ll go a long way toward making nights restful.

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Home Office

If you’re fortunate enough to have a home office, you can really go all out with smart room automation. Top-speed networking is standard, naturally — how can you boost productivity when your Wi-Fi is laggy? 

Your home office definitely benefits from climate and lighting control systems. You’ll stay comfortable and focused without futzing with dials or keeping that sweatshirt close by.

And if you’re blessed with lots of windows, check out those motorized window treatments. They’ll control natural light levels automatically — and you can do so via voice command, app or touchscreen panel. A piercing blaze of light across your eyes is never pleasant (particularly while you work).

Beyond that, go as techy as you want in your home office! Well, a home theater system may not be ideal for focus in the office, but a smart TV and high-performance audio certainly sharpen virtual meetings.

Pro tip: If you work from home and have the funds to afford one, you can find smart chairs. Yes, you read that right. 

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Laundry and Utility Rooms

Lest we forget, your home’s laundry and utility rooms can host IoT systems and room automation. Your AV consultant may even advise placing your central home hub there! 

One way or the other, you’ll never accidentally leave the clothes wet or miss the dryer’s buzz. Here’s a short list of time- and cost-saving smart appliances — you’ve probably run across them:

Besides those big three, a smart hot water heater and thermostat are worthwhile purchases, as we noted earlier. You can also add a smart vent that regulates air circulation as appliances run.

And we must say — climate and lighting control systems make sure your laundry and utility rooms are as comfortable (and efficient) as the rest of your home. This may be a room-by-room home automation guide, but those two systems benefit the house as a whole.

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We’ll count the outdoors — or at least your backyard — as a “room” of sorts.

Devices like dongles and smart projectors can turn a garage, patio or any open space into an outdoor entertainment haven. Make sure to snag a soundbar or install high-performance audio to really round out the experience!

With lighting control and home surveillance, you’ll feel secure as you sip some brew and watch the big game from your own backyard theater.

And don’t forget the pool if you have one — high-performance audio and lighting control can lead to an absolutely unforgettable swim. Try tossing in a few waterproof Bluetooth speakers and floating pool lights for added pizzazz.

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And Beyond

Your room automation journey doesn’t have to stop with these spaces. A smart home can encompass much more!

Maybe you have a studio and want to build a premium home sound system. Perhaps extending your home surveillance system to your garage and/or storage buildings seems smart. If you or a loved one wants to age in place, smart home tech can make it safer — and more enjoyable.

What’s the key takeaway? No matter your needs, a trustworthy AV installation company will partner with you to meet them. Your home can be as smart as you’d like. 

The sky’s the limit!

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Get Room-by-Room Automation With AV Smart Solutions 

So, you have security, comfort, savings, entertainment and more with smart home automation systems. It’s a thrilling thought — and an attainable goal. You can take it step by step, room by room.

At AV Smart Solutions, we’re here to help you plan and build your perfect smart home. We’re experts in home automation, as well as smart commercial and office environments. In other words, we aim for our clients’ total satisfaction — and we know what we’re doing.

Together, we’ll work with your budget and vision to reach your smart home goals. Then, we’ll take care of installation, as well as offer equipment advice and ongoing support. 

After all, we’re in this as a team.

When you’re ready, give us a call at (425) 655-5052, or complete our online inquiry form. One of our AV specialists will get back in touch!

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