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Smart Bathroom Features To Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

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September 22, 2022

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Work was a drag. Your back aches, and it’s rainy and chilly outside — but you’re finally home. As you park the car, you pull up an app and make a few quick selections. 

You walk into your bathroom — a warmed room, ambient lighting, a bathtub full of perfectly hot water and relaxing tunes greet you.

Too good to be true? Absolutely not!

And smart bathrooms aren’t just for the wealthy these days: Nearly half of the residential market comprises smart homes

So, what goes into a smart bathroom? Let’s look at some of the many amenities, gadgets, systems and appliances you can choose from.

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Take the Latest Tech to Your Bathroom

Smart tech isn’t just for physical comfort … although it’s most definitely for that, too. You can take immersive entertainment, like audiovisual (AV) smart gadgets, into your bathroom!

Using Internet of Things (IoT) and Wi-Fi technology, you can add speakers, screens and much more.

Let’s get started — your tech-primed bathroom design awaits.

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Smart Bathroom Mirror

It may not be the first item to pop to mind, but a smart bathroom mirror can bring you an array of benefits. Pair a smart bathroom mirror with the best bathroom smart speaker, and you can check the weather, watch the news and stream entertainment with a simple voice command.

After a drab day at the office, how does soaking in the bath while watching the latest episode of your favorite show sound? No awkward remote controls required — just prompt your voice assistant and watch your mirror transform into a TV

A bathroom smart mirror is one of the most popular smart bathroom gadgets for a reason. It takes an item you use daily and makes it a multipurpose showstopper.

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Smart Bathroom AV Tech

Fortunately, you can run AV features throughout your smart home, including your bathroom. Via hidden or discreet speakers and screens, you can extend the same cutting-edge entertainment in your living room to your bathroom. And your aesthetic stays consistent —- no clutter or conspicuous wires.

Keep your ideal look with AV tech in your mirrors, lights and even walls! The previously noted smart bathroom mirror with TV is a prime example. To get started, contact a professional AV installation company that’ll know exactly how to work with your vision and budget.

Smart Bathroom Gadgets

This could be quite the list! From smart switches to smart lights to smart toilets, you can make practically everything in your restroom oasis touchless, interconnected and easy to use.

Here are just a few smart bathroom gadgets you can try out:

  • Smart scale. Track your weight and body mass. You usually connect these to apps, smart watches and other fitness trackers.
  • Smart aromatherapy diffuser. Use voice to control scent selection, intensity and duration.
  • Smart water assistant. Monitor your plumbing for leaks and get smartphone notifications if one occurs.
  • Smart chromatherapy light. Use voice commands to control brightness, color and timing and to boost your mood.
  • Smart toothbrush. Get cleaner, whiter teeth with tailored vibration and sensory technology (usually app-connected).
  • Smart soap dispenser. Reduce waste and germ contact with motion sensor tech.
  • Smart faucet. Control the temperature and decrease water consumption with motion sensors and smart thermostats.
  • Smart bathtub speaker. Enjoy music in the bath, shower or pool with waterproof, Bluetooth-connected speakers.
  • Smart air sanitizer. Clear odors and kill bacteria with voice command, motion sensors and/or preset timing.
  • Smart hairbrush. Count brushstrokes, analyze hair condition and hear recommended hair care products (yes, really).

With IoT and Wi-Fi capabilities, you can find a smart version of practically any restroom or personal care item!

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Make Your Smart Bathroom Go Beyond Comfortable

So, you’ve got the entertainment basics down — now it’s time to look at smart bathroom suites. With a bit of investment, you’ll save money and reduce waste. 

Remember — smart tech is good for the planet, too!

Smart Bathroom Tub, Shower and Toilet

Like we said, if you can think of an item, you can probably find a smart version of it. That certainly extends to major appliances like smart bathroom tubs, showers, showerheads and toilets.

Smart Bathtub

You have many options for smart bathtubs, ranging from the high-end (immersion bathtubs) to the more affordable (soaking tubs). 

If you’re looking for the full spa experience, opt for a smart sensory deprivation tub. It offers ultimate relaxation — but it’s a bit pricey. For a more economical option, try a freestanding soaking tub equipped with a smart faucet and smart thermostat.

With a smart soaking tub, you can control temperature, water level and more via voice command. When you’re home from a hard day’s work (or simply want to drift into dreamland), switch on soothing tunes, soft blue lighting and an aromatherapy diffuser.

Smart Shower and Showerhead

A showerhead that plays music and changes colors while using massage-pulsing water, all controlled via voice command? You’d better believe it! 

Like smart bathtubs, smart showers range from ultra-expensive to wallet-friendly models. Plus, smart showers work with smart bathroom faucets to control water flow and temperature. You’ll reduce water consumption while scrubbing up for the day.

You can even find ultra-hygienic smart shower glass that becomes opaque for privacy (sometimes steam alone doesn’t make the grade).

Smart Toilet

This is a must-have for any modern restroom. Smart toilets are incredibly popular and comparatively affordable, whether you’re installing a simple bidet or a full new tank system. Modern smart toilets are hygienic, and you can find self-cleaning models (never wrestle with a toilet brush again). 

With smart water regulators or valves, the water volume per flush is less — much like smart washers and dryers that weigh clothes and use power accordingly. And like other items in this list, you can find pricey as well as frugal models.

If you feel extra fancy, you can find smart toilets with built-in sanitizers, air fresheners, bidets, waterjet cleaners, lights, speakers and voice assistant compatibility. And who doesn’t need a toilet that gives you tips?

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Smart Bathroom Fan and Vent

This may be another unexpected feature. A smart bathroom exhaust fan (or smart bathroom vent) can not only save you money on utilities but also amplify your comfort and convenience. 

A smart bathroom fan often integrates with voice-controlled speakers and lighting or a smart bathroom switch. Modern smart vents also remove humidity practically noiselessly (no more rattling fans). Just imagine — in the mornings, enter your bathroom and bathe under warm light while listening to your get-pumped playlist.

Additionally, most smart fans and vents can work wirelessly to detect moisture in the air. You don’t have to worry about switching them on and off as you enter and exit. 

As a result, you save time and energy costs — and your smart tech doesn’t get damp.

Smart Bathroom Thermostat, Heater and Air Conditioner

A smart thermostat might be the most helpful overall option for your bathroom. From a climate control system to heated floors (no more frigid tiles on frosty mornings), the perks are numerous. Keep an even temperature no matter the season, and adjust via voice command or app when needed.

For added comfort, pair a smart thermostat and climate control system with motorized window treatments. You can adjust the lighting per your preference or set the window treatments to dim or brighten the room automatically. It’s yet another way smart tech saves you money on utility bills!

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Smart Bathroom Light

Light and color affect our mood, although we may not realize it. With lighting control, you can adjust brightness and intensity via voice command or app. 

Even better, smart bathroom lighting can pair with a feature like a smart bathroom exhaust fan. You get the ideal light level (and hue) when and where you want it — without needing to leave the bathtub. And that’s not to mention the reduced environmental impact from less energy use! 

Would you like to help the environment and optimize your personal comfort? Lighting control systems do both.

Smart Bathroom Design and Décor

Now, after reading this article, it may seem like you’ll have a bathroom packed wall to wall with appliances and gadgets. But that’s far from the case.

By working with a trusted AV installation company, you can select either custom systems or packages that mesh smoothly with your existing home design. In fact, you won’t notice most smart bathroom additions at all — perhaps you’ll have a new toilet, faucet and bath, but they were already present. 

Smart tech such as speakers, screens (like a smart bathroom mirror), lights and thermostats are out of the way or take the place of your existing fixtures. Your aesthetic and décor stay the same — and your bathroom is pristine.

Whether opting for modern, rustic, futuristic or something altogether unique, an AV installation company will help you realize your dream look.

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Get Your Ultimate Smart Bathroom With AV Smart Solutions

If you’re anything like us, you have dozens of gorgeous smart bathroom ideas swirling in your head. Well, there’s no time like the present!

At AV Smart Solutions, we’ll work with your vision to integrate the best tech equipment into a luxurious smart bathroom. With our expertise in the residential, hospitality, restaurant and office sectors, we’re excited to bring your ideas to life.

Call 425-655-5052, or get in touch online. We’ll reach out and start planning that smart bathroom oasis!

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