A bright, wide and colorful smart bedroom holds two mattresses, blue and purple curtains and elaborate windows.

The Best Smart Bedroom Ideas To Transform Your Space

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March 24, 2023

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You walk into your bedroom and activate your smart assistant. With only voice commands, you turn on pitch-perfect lighting and tweak the temperature a notch. Maybe you switch on some soothing tunes before you head to the bathroom for a shower.

By the time you nestle under the comforter, you won’t believe the day was so exhausting.

It’s an amazing scenario, right? Like all things smart tech, you can go big, small or anywhere in between when you build a smart bedroom. But with so many options, finding a starting point can be challenging.

No worries! We’re here to help. These smart bedroom ideas outline what you might want to buy now and down the road, both big and small. 

But remember: There’s no single “best smart bedroom” — there’s the best smart bedroom for you. Before we get into the goodies, let’s look at the whys and hows behind bedroom automation.

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Why a Smart Bedroom Benefits You

The bedroom — it’s debatably the most important room in the house. It’s certainly your sanctum, where you recharge, lounge and do whatever helps you unwind. As your sleep center, it also has a radical impact on your health.

For example, bedroom smart lighting can match our circadian rhythm. As much as we love smart tech, some devices’ lights aren’t the best for our brain and inner clock. When lighting doesn’t throw off our circadian rhythm, our sleep quality soars.

Or let’s say you sweat or shiver at night because the climate never quite syncs with your body temperature. Increasingly popular smart mattresses can track your sleep and recommend adjustments — or gently mold to your body automatically. Again, your sleep quality gets a big boost.

And as Harvard Health notes, “Better sleep means better health.” It seems a smart bedroom isn’t just a luxury — it can be a serious benefit. That’s doubly true if you struggle to get a solid night’s rest.

In the past, maybe a comfy bed and reliable HVAC system were all you needed to catch your Zs. Enter smart home tech, the Internet of Things (IoT) and bedroom smart gadgets. Now, a tech-savvy bedroom is a cornerstone of your smart home audiovisual (AV) setup

And with cutting-edge systems — and with smart home ownership on the rise — a smart bedroom doesn’t simply help you sleep. It transforms your life and increases your home’s value. (Wow, the times have changed for the better!)

Note: If you have smart tech elsewhere in your home, you can usually pair it with bedroom smart devices. How nifty is that?

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How To Start Building Your Smart Bedroom

First, ask yourself how much you’d like to take on. Do you want to completely overhaul your regular old bedroom into a new smart bedroom? Or do you want to get a few smart bedroom accessories and go from there?

Well, if you’re opting for a total revamp, calling a consultant at an AV installation company is a good idea. They’ll recommend equipment, take care of installation and do much more. If you’re taking it piece by piece, you might do a bit of research and go from there.

Next, consider your budget. Naturally, how much you want to (or can) spend dictates many of your decisions. 

If you’re working with a smaller dollar amount, it’s wisest to take bedroom automation slowly. Then again, investing in a full smart bedroom alongside a knowledgeable AV company could save you hassle as you expand as well as money in the long run.

Finally, make sure you have fast networking. No matter what smart bedroom gadgets and/or systems you get, they can’t function without a rock-solid internet connection. 

You know your circumstances, desired timeline and final goal. So for easy navigation, let’s look at smaller-scale bedroom smart devices, then examine larger ones. You’ll get a great idea of what you want to mix and match!

Note: Besides networking, it’s wise to have a smart speaker/voice assistant. It often connects to and controls your smart bedroom gadgets and systems. With full bedroom automation, you might adjust your systems via voice command, app and/or wall-mounted touchscreen panel.

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Smaller Smart Bedroom Ideas: Gadgets, Devices and More

We’ll go bite-sized first. It’s the easiest way to kick-start your automated bedroom. 

If you can imagine a gadget, device or piece of furniture for a space, there’s most likely a smart version. 

So if you prefer to build on a foundation, then start with the basics, like smart lights, speakers and mirrors. Later, you can work your way up to larger systems, like lighting and climate control. Connecting tech as you go is one of the neatest parts of any kind of smart room!

Smart Bedroom Gadgets: Basics

As we mentioned earlier, bedroom smart gadgets come in an array of types and prices. We’ll recommend more in the next sections, but here are a few noteworthy standbys:

  • Smart alarm clock for a chill wakeup
    • For example, sunrise alarm clocks simulate the sun’s natural, gradual lighting. A standard smart speaker also may offer non-jarring alarms and warm LED lights.
  • Smart watch for sleep tracking, health info and more
    • Smart fitness watches often have built-in sleep trackers, especially if you own the higher-end variety.
  • Smart fan and/or heater for sudden temperature shifts

Now, let’s check out comparatively smaller bedroom smart gadgets.

Smart Bedroom Furniture

Clearly, the biggest item in this category is a smart mattress (often with a smart bed frame). That might mean a temperature-controlled and angle-adjustable mattress with a retractable, space-saving bed frame. 

Common threads in smart bedroom furniture include IoT tech like app pairing, motion sensors, Bluetooth connectivity and LED lights.

For example, a basic smart bedroom set might come with a smart mattress, nightstand and mirror. IoT tech in smart furniture monitors your sleep, changes light levels (via warm-white LED lights in the nightstand/mirror) and responds to voice commands. 

Despite the thousands of variations and price points, one thing remains the same: You sleep better. Often, you’ll even get insights about how you sleep.

Bedroom Smart Mirror

A hidden AV mirror, aka smart mirror, falls between smaller and larger bedroom smart gadgets. Overall, a smart mirror wears many hats: mirror (of course), TV, display, audio, lighting and more. 

For a bedroom smart mirror, one of the most popular variants is a smart TV mirror. It retains your aesthetics and adds sophistication to any sleeping space. (Plus, you dodge any potential side-eye when guests think you’ve been watching sitcoms in your PJs.)

Smart Lighting Devices and Fixtures

From red-green-blue (RGB) LED lighting fixtures that give you full control of a room’s hue to motion-activated sconces and flexible string lights, you have a rainbow of choices. And that’s doubly smart in a sleeping space — light affects our mood and emotion more than we might realize. 

In the bedroom, smart lighting can make a world of difference. For example, blue light may upset melatonin production, and that’s bad news for your sleep quality. With smart RGB LED lighting, you can decrease the blue light level to a warm-white hue.

From color and brightness to basic comfort (like less eye strain), bedroom smart lighting offers options. So in your bedroom, go for lighting that gives you hassle-free operation and better sleep. You can scope items from simple smart light bulbs to lamps to full-wall panels.

Note: Bedroom smart lighting ideally integrates with apps, remotes, touchscreen panels and/or voice assistants. If you’re unsure how to connect your devices, contact an AV company for help. Additionally, switch on your phone’s blue light filter to stop late-night scrolling from disrupting sleep.

Portable Smart Speakers

Earlier, we recommended having a voice assistant/smart speaker, no matter how big you go with your smart bedroom. For greater ease, have at least two in your sleeping space. These tiny-yet-mighty devices help you control, well, pretty much everything.

For example, one voice assistant doubles as a soothing alarm clock on the nightstand. From there, you control your bedroom smart gadgets and accessories, like your smart TV, lighting and thermostat. In your master bathroom, a second speaker pairs with the first — no more weather surprises as you plan your day. 

And no one said you can’t enjoy your blood-pumping playlist in your walk-in closet as you suit up.

Note: Smart speakers and voice assistants are integral to any smart home partly because they’re so compact. Plus, they can work with larger AV systems as you upgrade an automated home.

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Larger Smart Bedroom Ideas: Systems and Full Automation

Now, let’s look at more sizable projects. These smart systems can not only connect with your smaller bedroom smart gadgets but also boost their usefulness!

Note: If you’re planning a major home makeover, work with a contractor and architect early. You’ll save time, money and frustration.

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Smart Lighting Control

Go far beyond LED light bulbs with full smart lighting control. With whole-room and whole-home lighting systems, you easily change brightness, hue, timing and more. You might use a remote, dimmer switches, a wall-mounted touchscreen panel and/or your trusty voice assistants.

In essence, these systems work per your needs, and they’re incredibly flexible in any smart bedroom.

Combined with smaller bedroom smart lighting devices, you can plot your ultimate blueprint for deep sleep. Plus, some lighting control companies, like Lutron, make systems that work for hotel and health care settings. If high-end resorts and intensive care units count on its systems, you know you’ve found a winner.

Smart Climate Control

Remember those smaller IoT devices, like smart thermostats and heaters? Bring them together in one system with smart climate control. All in all, it’s one of the best smart bedroom ideas — primarily because it elevates your entire home.

You’ll have the fewest chilly (or sweaty) nights possible — and won’t wake up to frigid floors or humid tiles. With climate control systems, strolling from the mattress to the kitchen to the home office has never been so comfortable. You also have automatic or manual adjustment options, per your preferences. 

Note: Via room-by-room zoning, you can even control each room’s unique temperature.

Motorized Window Treatments

Beautiful window treatments, aka motorized shades or motorized blinds, match your decor and operate noiselessly. They also pull double duty alongside a climate control system — and reduce your utility bills. And think about no more piercing shafts of sunlight in your eyes at daybreak!

In your smart bedroom, you can let in just enough light at sunrise or darken your windows at sunset. A portable remote or smartphone app gives you control without leaving the sanctity of your pillows.

Note: Motorized window treatments and lighting control systems are fantastic as home surveillance add-ons, too. If you’re planning an expansion, it never hurts to consider security.

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Home Theater — in Your Bedroom

Yes, we know sleep specialists usually recommend not placing a TV in your bedroom

That said, few things are better than piling up in bed and watching your favorite flicks. But it’s probably prudent to set your smart TV to turn off at a certain time so you’re not distracted while you drift off! And of course, we won’t judge if you want a home theater available from your mattress.

We’re adults here, after all … but you might skip a full home theater in a kid’s smart bedroom. They might be terribly tempted to watch cartoons when they should be asleep.

High-Performance Audio and Multi-Room Music

Why not take it up a notch with music that follows you from the dining room to the bedroom? 

Whether you’re really digging that new album or want to carry a romantic mood throughout the house, multi-room music does the trick. When you’d like to amp yourself up before dressing for work or hitting your smart home gym, high-performance audio delivers.

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Discover Premier Bedroom Automation With AV Smart Solutions

At AV Smart Solutions, we’d love to make your bedroom your best smart bedroom. 

Whether starting from scratch or working with what you have, we’ll cover installation, offer advice, provide tech support and more. Plus, your home stays as pristine as when we entered. 

With our expertise in residential, commercial and office environments, we ensure you’re over the moon for your new smart bedroom. And with full home automation, we’ll help you monitor and perfect your smart tech from one hub.

It’s time to seize that top-notch sleep you deserve.

Give us a call at (425) 655-5052, or complete our inquiry form. One of our AV specialists will be in touch!

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