Sleek, white, wireless Lutron shading systems work noiselessly atop a window.

Why We Love Lutron Shading Systems

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March 9, 2023

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A homeowner decides it’s time for some calm after a stressful workday. They grab their motorized shades remote and lower them until a peaceful afternoon glow fills their home.

Perhaps a restauranteur wants to add warm, energizing natural light for the lunch rush. They head to their wall-mounted touchscreen panel and raise their motorized window treatments. Then, they set their paired lighting control system to illuminate tables without glare.

Maybe a hotelier at a beachside resort needs to adjust the lights before a guest party in the master ballroom. They use their central control hub to set the lighting to a glare-free level, complete with a view of the rolling surf.

Or perhaps an office manager wants to hold a Zoom conference without distractions and lens flare. With a sleek dimmer switch, they lower their office’s color-coordinated motorized shades before the conference begins. 

With Lutron shading systems, you can seamlessly control all these actions — and do much more. Lutron simply makes life better for people at home, the office and their business.

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Cutting-Edge Tech

Lutron is a premier supplier of smart systems. In fact, its EcoSystem technology is so impressive that you can find Lutron systems at the New York Times headquarters!

With the company’s extensive history and expert engineers, you get the latest in motorized shading and smart lighting. Lutron never stops innovating and expanding its products — and the company improves as smart tech moves forward.

When you integrate wireless Lutron shading systems, you benefit from every bit of that innovation. Whether you opt for motorized window treatments alone or a smart system combination, you’ll be on top of the smart tech game.

And a knowledgeable audiovisual (AV) installation company makes sure you stay there, too.

Note: We particularly love Lutron’s Sivoia QS and Palladiom shading systems. They not only offer touch-free shading control but also pair easily with other Lutron smart systems.

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Customizable Comfort

As a general rule, comfort and convenience accompany all things smart tech. That’s especially true with Lutron shading systems. With an app, switch, remote or touchscreen panel, you get both ideal lighting and temperature control.

And when you have control, you have comfort.

Do you prefer a bit of warmth in the morning? Set your motorized shades to open at dawn. Or maybe you want privacy the moment sunset starts — do the same, and you’ll have instant peace of mind.

To up the ante, Lutron shading systems go flawlessly with Lutron lighting systems. You’ll get motion sensors, dimmer switches, timers and more. And you’ll never futz with headache-inducing light — natural or artificial.

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Flexible Style

When you imagine motorized shades, images of bulky boxes and noisy gears might pop to mind. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Lutron! 

Choosing Lutron shading systems gets you a spectrum of sleek, stylish options. That means finishes, colors, styles and more. Wireless, lithium battery-powered motors smoothly move your choice of shades to your exact liking.

With quiet, discreet operation in your choice of specifics, you get impeccable and flexible style. Plus, your home, business or office keeps its ideal look without any personal hassle. 

After flipping through Lutron’s options, in fact, you might feel inspired to revamp your current decor! Speak with an AV consultant, and they’ll give you further recommendations — you may have visions of whole new room layouts.

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Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

To make matters even better, Lutron is committed to green tech and energy efficiency. And that doesn’t apply to engineering only — it translates to saving money! 

Although essentially all smart tech saves you money, Lutron shading systems go further. 

Because you can open, close and angle motorized shades, you instantly cut strain on your heating and cooling systems. If a cold snap or heat wave moves through, you can harvest sunlight for warmth or block heat for cooling. And you have custom control, room by room or in an entire building.

Plus, you can do so while away from your home or office — no more rooms with pooled condensation under the windows. Combine motorized shades with lighting control and climate control systems, and you’ll see even greater savings.

Note: Lutron also offers whole-home and whole-building solutions. Integrate tech, comfort, style and efficiency in one central hub or platform. The Earth and your wallet (or bottom line) will both thank you.

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Find Lutron Shading Systems and Lighting Systems at AV Smart Solutions

You can reap all these benefits — and many more — with us at AV Smart Solutions. As a premier smart systems company, Lutron is our go-to motorized window treatments and lighting control systems provider. 

Your choices are practically countless. 

That said, we recommend connecting motorized window treatments and shades and lighting control systems. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the go, you get instant wireless control and top-notch technology. You’ll love the long-term cost savings, too.

That’s not to say you can’t adopt just one smart system at a time. If in doubt or unsure where to begin, scan our smart packages. We’ll work with you on your AV journey from start to finish.

Give us a call at 425-655-5052, or get in touch online. One of our AV specialists will be in touch in a flash! 

Featured image via Lutron

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