Restaurant Upgrades 101: Music And Amenities

Believe it or not, the music in your restaurant has a tremendous impact on the atmosphere of your establishment. Don’t believe us? Try going to one of your local favorite spots and pay close attention to what you hear. Odds are, you’ll hear some music, murmuring white noise of others, and the sound of plates or flatware clanging. 

Scientifically, the music your restaurant plays impacts the mood and behavior of your customers. An article from RestoBiz.ca states “Numerous studies have established that music is central to creating the proper atmosphere and driving profits. To cite a sampling:

  • A recent CNN article showed that people chewed food nearly a third faster when listening to high-volume, fast-tempo music, potentially increasing table turnover. Also according to CNN, a French study observed that as decibel levels increased, men not only consumed more drinks but also finished each drink in less time.
  • A study published by the Journal of Culinary Science & Technology determined that food tastes best to diners when 1) classical music is softly played, and 2) there’s the presence of subtle background “chatter.” The same study showed that the absence of music detracted significantly from the dining experience, with patrons describing something as innocuous as the “clink” of cutlery as unacceptably noisy. Music, of course, serves to mask such noise.
  • A Scottish study published by the Association for Consumer Research found that diners increased their expenditures by 23 percent when slow-tempo music was played. Most of the additional spending went toward the drink bill, which grew 51 percent. Because drinks are typically a high-margin item, the increase in profits was especially significant.”

These changes in behavior will often lead to increased sales, better business, and a more pleasant experience for your foodies. However, music isn’t the only thing that impacts the ambiance of your restaurant or bar. There are several other elements of ambiance that you should be paying attention to.

Music and Other Amenities for Your Restaurant

The lighting, climate control, signage, and decor deeply affect the experience and retention of your hungry customers. 

Imagine if all of that could be automated and centrally controlled. Lucky for you, it can be! We specialize in the installation and implementation of technologies that improve your customers’ experience. Our solutions also assist in streamlining, monitoring, and operating many tasks that often are forgotten like updating your playlist, dimming the lights, or lowering the blinds. 

Let’s say you own or frequent a restaurant like one of our local favorites, Metropolitan Grill or Wing Dome. You don’t want your guests to be blinded when the sun is setting and you certainly don’t want to be the next viral sensation on People Standing after trying to reach up and close the blinds. 

Our Solution

Our solutions are programmable to automatically lower the blinds, dim lights, change the music and the temperature all on cue. Want to lower the blinds 30 minutes before sunset? No problem. Keep them shut until your doors open for lunch to save some money on your heating? We can do that too. What about letting your guests know when happy hour starts by automatically changing the lights and music on a schedule? You got it! 

Our Cloudcover systems allow you to insert your own audio messages in between songs just like a radio ad. This provides a great opportunity to insert updates to the menu or promote an upcoming trivia night. They also provide a centrally controlled solution for franchise restaurants. If all of your franchise locations are equipped with our system, they can be controlled from a specific location. So, if you want every location to have the same soundtrack, it is easy as a tap of the finger. 

We at AV Smart Solutions want to help make your life as a restaurant owner or manager easier by taking some things off your plate (<– see what we did there?) so you can focus more on the thing that matters most, your customers! Tedious tasks can take valuable time and hands away from your restaurant’s operation.

The options are limitless. If you have an idea or desire, let our team know and we will come up with a seamless solution that fits your needs! We pride ourselves in creating scalable, long term solutions that help you save you time and money, and improve the experience of your customers.

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