• May 16, 2024

    Your home’s smart lighting color schemes can truly sway your mood and set scenes. Color psychology and color therapy aren’t just for marketers, artists and designers. Smart lighting gives you thousands of hue, tint, shade and brightness combinations to zero in on your ideal atmosphere. Then add the ability to make smart LED lights dimmable [...]

  • April 9, 2024

    The popcorn is popped. The temperature is perfect, and you’re in your comfiest clothes. Your smart home theater is ready for movie night.  You have all the elements of a top-tier smart AV theater:  Immersive, surround-sound audio Digital projector with crystal-clear picture Wide projector screen Thousands of streaming options Smart tech that ties everything together [...]

  • February 14, 2024

    How many times have you gotten halfway to work and remembered you left the bedroom light on? And how many times have you grimaced while skimming your electric bill? And you’ve surely groaned in aggravation while relaxing in bed because someone didn’t switch off all the lights downstairs. Well, life (read: technology) finds a way. [...]