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5 Reasons Smart Lighting Benefits Your Home

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February 14, 2024

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How many times have you gotten halfway to work and remembered you left the bedroom light on? And how many times have you grimaced while skimming your electric bill?

And you’ve surely groaned in aggravation while relaxing in bed because someone didn’t switch off all the lights downstairs.

Well, life (read: technology) finds a way. Smart lighting benefits not only your home and wallet but also your lifestyle. 

Let’s look at five advantages of smart lighting. But before we get into the good stuff, let’s see what smart lighting is in a nutshell.

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Smart Lighting, Summarized

We promise we won’t get too techy on you.

Where We Are

Some smart lighting technology isn’t entirely new. Back in the swinging 1960s, an engineer invented the light-emitting diode (LED) bulb. But the technologies driving smart lighting are sprinting into the future. 

We’re no longer looking at LED light bulbs alone … but they’re certainly cornerstones! 

Today’s smart lighting system involves LED light bulbs, switches and plugs built with sensors, adapters and/or chips. Those parts connect via Internet of Things (IoT) technology to wireless devices, apps, remotes and more. 

As a result, you can control your lights anywhere with an internet connection. Modern smart lights don’t have to depend on you for control, either. Sensors can detect light level and color changes, then adjust automatically. 

Where We’re Headed

Smart lighting now includes a broad array of devices and systems in practically countless combinations with thousands of features. From simple motion-activated porch lights to complex, building-wide recessed mood lighting, your options skyrocket.

And thanks to all the benefits of smart lighting, analysts expect the market to quadruple by 2030. It’s clearly making people happy. 

We’ve come a long way since The Clapper.

Note: TechRadar offers a smart lighting deep dive, if you’re interested in the techy elements.

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A Few Advantages of Smart Lighting

You know the basics: a smart light bulb, an internet connection and an app. But a smart lighting system that runs throughout your home — indoors and out — delivers around-the-clock perks.

1. It Saves You Money

It’s a serious benefit: Smart lighting saves you money. 

As a general rule, an automated lighting system uses LED smart bulbs. Meanwhile, LED light bulbs use about 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs also last about 25 times longer than old-fashioned incandescents, so buying and replacing new ones are rarely necessary. 

And as for your electric bill, the cost savings are clear: Less energy equals lower payments

Just by switching to LED light bulbs, U.S. homeowners save an average of $225 annually. To boot, lighting your home comprises at least 15% of your electric bill.

Speaking of energy efficiency and smart lighting benefits, that “smart” part pays off. 

Leaving your lights on means you use even more energy, naturally leading to higher electrical bills. A smart lighting system gives you ways to avoid eating that extra energy, from automatic dimming to remote shutoff. 

In other words, a smart lighting system illuminates your home when you need it, where you need it. All the while, smart LED lights use significantly less energy and decrease your home’s environmental impact.

Note: Here’s a sharp comparison from the Building Performance Institute. An incandescent light bulb costs around $1 per 1,000-2,000 hours of light. An LED light bulb costs under $2 for 35,000-50,000 hours.

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2. It Makes Your Home Safer

No one particularly likes to arrive home and meet a dark driveway and a pitch-black house. 

With smart lighting, you can open an app and activate your exterior and interior lights anytime. It doesn’t just give you peace of mind, although that’s a stellar advantage in itself. 

An unlit home looks enticing to potential burglars — they’re not in the spotlight. With smart lighting, you can illuminate your home at any hour as well as set motion sensors that kick-start bright light at common entry points

And you can do so without leaving your lights on 24/7 (which, of course, saves money). 

It Makes You More Secure, Too

A smart lighting system doesn’t stop at deterring would-be burglars. Your personal safety is one of the many advantages of smart lighting. 

Motion sensor-activated smart lighting makes hallways, stairs and doors far safer. Those middle-of-the-night kitchen raids are less likely to lead to stubbed toes, at the very least! 

But if you’re a parent, an older adult or living with a disability, you can see how smart lighting is invaluable. Say, your toddler likes to make laps in the hallway at 3 a.m. With smart lighting, you’ll know they’re up (and also know they’re not a burglar). 

Meanwhile, you run less risk of slips, trips and falls. You can instantly see where you’re going and brighten the lights with a voice command if necessary.

Note: A smart lighting system gets a major upgrade with a smart surveillance system. Smart cameras and lighting work together, so you can see from any angle and review footage.

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3. It Customizes the Mood

Changing the mood in your home may not be as immediate as money and safety. Still, it’s one of the many benefits of smart lighting you might overlook.

It’s a fact, too: Color affects how you feel and think. You can harness that in your home’s smart lighting! If you want your lighting to shift, open your app and select its shade, hue and intensity.

Modern mood-changing smart lighting fits anywhere in your home. You can opt for recessed lighting, LED strings, single bulbs or another imaginative setup. You might also designate color zones for different spaces and situations to set moods.

Getting amped for the big game? Try red, orange or yellow smart lighting tones in your home theater. Gearing up for work? Go for a blue, green or violet scheme in your bedroom fixtures. 

As for sleep, set an amber or warm white light to fade to darkness. Blue may whisper “peace,” but it’s not ideal for sleep. Modern smart lights can even match your circadian rhythm, so you wake up refreshed and doze off easily.

And if smart lighting benefits your well-being, we think that deserves a spot on the list.

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4. It Gives You Long-Distance Control and Convenience

We’ve mentioned how one of the advantages of smart lighting is remote control. But let’s get a bit deeper into that convenience.

Let’s say you’re halfway around the country on business. You check your smart home app to take a look around and notice your kitchen lights are still on. As long as you have a signal, you flick off that kitchen light in an instant.

But smart lighting systems have more miniscule controls. Remember the lighting zones we mentioned? It’s part of geofencing.

You can sync IoT tech to run on autopilot in designated areas. You just select your system’s settings and go about your day. For example, all your home’s entrance lights gradually brighten at sunset and dim at sunrise.

Beyond at-home and away controls, a smart lighting system offers a big-picture view of your energy usage. 

An audiovisual (AV) installation company can customize a smart lighting system that offers easy-to-read graphs and data. When you know what you use most and what you can do without, you can lessen energy consumption.

Don’t think your access stops at an app. A smart lighting system can come with sleek touchscreen panels, remote controls and dimmers. It’s all part of a setup designed to make your life better.

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5. It Enhances Entertainment and Events

Savings, safety, well-being and convenience — what else could we list? How about fun? You have every reason to enjoy smart home entertainment to the fullest!

A smart home lighting control system plays a huge part in creating unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re streaming the latest flick in your living room, taking a tranquil bath or cooking a romantic dinner, smart lighting polishes the moment. 

You might integrate smart lighting with a high-performance audio system for unparalleled parties. Maybe you want to really knuckle down on Halloween and chill the neighborhood kids with spooky lights. Or maybe your poolside get-togethers need safe lights with luxurious ambience. 

Whatever mood your moment needs — peace, suspense, action — smart lighting offers it. Those seemingly humble smart light bulbs pack a punch.

Note: A smart lighting control system pairs especially well with motorized shades. You get additional comfort, control and savings by using natural light. Motorized window treatments also help regulate your home’s temperature alongside smart climate control

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