Maximized Window Convenience
for Your Guests

AV Smart Solutions‘ Automated Window Treatments allow your guests to fully control the window coverings in their rooms. Our integrative service will automate control over shades, drapery, and more to allow the perfect amount of light in for ultimate comfort.

Our Automated Window Treatments are accessible for guests on their own. Your staff can also take advantage of this service to control lighting in hotel lobbies, guest lounges, conference rooms, and much more.

Smart Shading

Controlling the shading in your business has never been easier with our Automated Window Treatments. Guests, customers, and staff can enjoy any level of shade with the click of a button.

Convenient Comfort

Leisure is our goal — there’s no need to move an inch if you need to adjust the ambience of the room. Stay put using a remote programming device to control the shade and natural lighting in any room of your business with seamless automated control of your blinds and curtains.

Design Integration

AVSS’s Motorized Window Treatments technology easily integrates with any of our other service offerings and system packages. Our Lighting Control service offering is a popular add-on for ultimate illumination in any room, whether that’s a lobby needing bright light, a dimly lit restaurant or bar, or a lounge requiring something in between.

Full Control for Enhanced Illumination and Shading

AV Smart Solutions’ Motorized Window Treatments delivers a complete setup ranging between four and six hours. Your shading control will function seamlessly with any of our other smart or simple service packages.

If you’re ready to enhance the ambience and comfort in your business for guests and staff, contact us today to learn more about our smart shading using Automated Window Treatments. Call +1 (425) 655-5052 or complete our inquiry form by clicking the button below.

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