Outdoor Entertainment

Your Outdoor Entertainment Oasis Awaits

AV Smart Solutions offers high-quality outdoor entertainment solutions, including high-performance audio and premium visuals for the ultimate smart setup that will enhance your leisure time at home.

Create an oasis in your front or backyard, patio, by the pool, or anywhere else on your property for the ideal outdoor setup. Enjoying music, movies, and much more outside with family and friends will gain your memories that will last a lifetime.

High-Performance Audio

AVSS provides high-performance audio components with adjustable acoustics and surround sound capabilities. Our outdoor audio setup includes Sonos Amps and Subwoofers, rear speakers, sound bars, and speaker stands if needed. We’ll also install bluetooth sound equipment for the most strategic outdoor setup.

Crystal-Clear Visuals

Our visual media setup provides high-resolution viewing with crystal clear visuals to enjoy. Enjoy online videos, movies, sports games, and more in the comfort of your backyard — or really wherever you’d like that’s outside. AVSS offers a 100” projection screen and either an Apple TV or Roku streaming device depending on your preference.

Integrative Design Approach

AVSS’s outdoor entertainment solutions rely on an integrative installation approach, leaving your outdoor property untampered with to create the entertainment setup you desire. We use a bluetooth system and reliable networking capabilities to ensure your audio and visuals are seamlessly synced.

We ensure technical adjustments are easy for your watching and listening. Use a programmable remote device, handheld touch screen panel, or even your phone to perfect your experience. You can also control lighting and other setting factors depending on your smart home service needs. All of our systems integrate with each other to create the most well-rounded outdoor entertainment experience.

Combine Home Leisure With Smart Outdoor Entertainment

Our skilled AV installers will incorporate hidden sound systems with recessed power outlets, updated bluetooth systems, and high-resolution projection screens for the ultimate outdoor oasis. Our simple strategies keep your leisure a top priority.

If you’re ready to incorporate personalized entertainment into the outdoor areas of your home, contact us today. Call +1 (425) 655-5052 or complete our inquiry form by clicking the button below.

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