Orondo Home Gets Gorgeous Upgrades With AV Smart Solutions

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A home sits at the foothills of the Cascades in Orondo, Washington. It’s already an absolutely sensational location, but the homeowners wanted smart home automation to elevate it even higher.

In April of 2019, AV Smart Solutions tackled the task with finesse. We made sure the family has a smart home with tech to match — from ceilings to floors, from the entrance to the poolside.

Project Scope and Brands

The homeowners wanted to go all out with their smart home revamp. And we were more than happy to accommodate their wishes and the project’s broad scope:

  • Indoor media systems
  • Outdoor media systems
  • Surveillance
  • Lighting automation
  • Access control
  • Shades

After our close consultation process, we and the homeowners agreed upon the brands that would perfect the work:

  • Episode
  • Luma
  • Crestron
  • SunBrite
  • Nexus21
  • Samsung
  • Pioneer
  • Sonos

Then, we rolled up our sleeves and began making this stunning home a smart tech haven.

Main Salon

We began with the sprawling main salon, which offers a jaw-dropping view of the rolling hills.

The main salon surround-sound and entertainment systems include an 82-inch 4K LED TV, which we installed on an articulating wall mount above the fireplace. We also provided an Apple TV for streaming capabilities and a Sonos system to send music to several zones.

To create the 5.1 digital surround-sound system, we placed a passive LCR soundbar atop the TV with a 12-inch subwoofer and two in-wall rear speakers.

The resulting AV experience is rich and immersive.

Fire Pit, Pool/Landscape Audio and Outdoor TV

In our opinion, outdoor AV should rival the scenery!

We designed and commissioned an outdoor media system that includes audio for the fire pit, pool and landscape areas.

Fire Pit Area

The fire pit system includes four 4-inch speakers and an in-ground subwoofer for superior sound quality. 

We placed the four speakers around the fire pit seating area to create a dedicated sound zone. With this zone’s audio system, the homeowners can stream music from an array of sources:

  • Sonos music system
  • Main salon DirecTV
  • Main salon Apple TV
  • Outdoor DirecTV
  • Outdoor Apple TV

They control this zone with a Crestron smartphone/tablet app, which gives them intuitive control of all systems’ functions.

We love it when “going all out” means our clients have comprehensive, easy access.

Pool and Landscape Audio

The pool/landscape audio system has 16 4-inch speakers and two in-ground subwoofers to provide astounding sound. The 4-inch speakers sit around the pool and landscape areas, which directs the sound to create a set zone.

The pool/landscape system also streams music from multiple sources:

  • Sonos music system
  • Main salon DirecTV
  • Main salon Apple TV
  • Outdoor TV DirecTV
  • Outdoor TV Apple TV

Again, the homeowners control this zone and the systems’ functions via a Crestron smartphone/tablet app.

Outdoor Smart TV

Next, we installed a smart TV to offer sleek entertainment alongside the exquisite sights.

The outdoor TV is a 75-inch 4K LED TV on an automated TV lift, which we mounted inside an in-ground watertight box. We then installed a passive LCR soundbar atop the TV to provide enveloping audio. The homeowners easily operate the system via a handheld remote.

The outdoor TV displays media through the DirecTV satellite box and/or the 4K Apple TV. Meanwhile, the Sonos music system streams audio to the zone.

We supplied a general contractor with the smart TV’s watertight box. After its installation, we meticulously installed the TV and lift.

Note: We partner with contractors, architects and electricians when necessary for any of our projects. That collaboration ensures you get smart AV systems with unparalleled, quality installation.


These Orondo homeowners want top-notch security, and we delivered.

Their Luma surveillance system includes eight HD dome cameras and a 1-TB network video recorder. The homeowners can view the cameras on TV screens and/or a mobile app. Plus, the system displays a live feed and recorded footage from anywhere.

The family can view their property anytime and have instant peace of mind!


For immersive lighting, we provided the project’s electrician with light switches and dimmers for installation. We integrated them into the Crestron smart home system to give the homeowners intuitive control and automation, both locally and remotely.

For even greater at-a-touch simplicity, they control all the home’s lights via a Crestron smartphone/tablet app.

Access Control

The homeowners also need a smart home entrance, and we knew just the ticket.

We provided and installed a Yale front door keypad, where they enter a code to lock and unlock the door. Next, we integrated the keypad into the Crestron smartphone/tablet app for local and remote control.


Smart lighting gets even more versatile — and beautiful — with smart shades.

We installed Crestron shades at the salon’s expansive windows for ideal lighting control. The homeowners even chose a luxurious handwoven fabric for shades that match their home’s aesthetic.

Head End and Backbone

We housed the system’s backbone in an equipment rack, which we concealed neatly in a closet just for that purpose. Four brands form the core of this smart home:

  • Araknis
  • Crestron
  • Binary
  • Wirepath

What the Homeowners Have To Say

“Aaron always goes above and beyond for all of his clients. He is dedicated, hard working, and passionate about his craft. You’re always left with a quality job and great service.”

— Jill Williams, Orondo Homeowner

Find Irresistable, Intuitive Tech With AV Smart Solutions

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